Globalizing Asian Religions
Globalizing Asian Religions
Management and Marketing
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Asian Studies
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Table of Contents Dedication Preface List of Figures and Tables 1. Introduction Wendy Smith, Hirochika Nakamaki Louella Matsunaga, Tamasin Ramsay SECTION 1 THEORETICAL APPROACHES 2. Globalization and the Marketing Strategies of Japanese New Religions Abroad with Special Reference to Brazil, Africa and Thailand Peter B. Clarke (1940-2011) 3. A Management Perspective on the Mission Strategies and Global Organizational Structure of the Unification Church Yoshihide Sakurai SECTION 2 EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATIONS: EAST ASIAN RELIGIONS 4. Post-war Peace Movements: The Historical Background of National and International Religious Cooperation Susumu Shimazono 5. The Development of Japanese New Religions in Korea: The Case of the Church of World Messianity Hiroshi Iwai 6. Falun Gong in Song and Dance Benjamin Penny SECTION 3 EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATIONS: SOUTHEAST AND SOUTH ASIAN RELIGIONS 7. Asian NRMs are not all Success Stories: The Demise of the Global Dream of Malaysia's Arqam Shamsul A.B. 8. The Propagation of Thai Theravada Buddhism Overseas: The Case of the Dhammmakaya Temple Hidetake Yano 9. Contextualizing the Global: Marketing Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity in Malaysia and Indonesia Barbara Watson Andaya 10. Spreading Soul Consciousness: Managing and Extending the Global Reach of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Wendy Smith and Tamasin Ramsay SECTION 4 EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATIONS: JAPANESE RELIGIONS IN EUROPE AND THE AMERICAS 11. Shin Buddhism (J?do Shinsh?) in Europe: Organizational Issues Louella Matsunaga 12. Eastward Transmission of Buddhism across the Pacific: The Development of Japanese Buddhist Missions in Hawaii and Mainland United States Tomoe Moriya 13. The Management and Marketing of Tenriky? in its Strategy of Global Expansion - the Case of Brazil Masanobu Yamada 14. Transnationalization of Japanese Religions in a Globalized World: Perspectives from Case Studies in Brazil Ronan Pereira 15. The Significance of Sacred Places in the Proselytization of NRMs: Guarapiranga, a Sacred Place of the Church of World Messianity of Brazil Hideaki Matsuoka 16. Habitat Segregation and Epidemicalization of Japanese Religions in the Americas Hirochika Nakamaki SECTION 5 FUTURE PERSPECTIVES: GLOBALIZING NEW RELIGIONS IN A POSTMODERN WORLD 17. Modern New Religions' Responses to Globalization in a Post-Modern World Nobutaka Inoue Contributors References Index

Reviews and Features

"Globalizing Asian Religions offers readers a wealth of information, especially if they are interested in its soft focus on new religious movements and Japanese traditions. Most of the chapters provide meticulous descriptions of the movements they are analyzing and offer substantial background information for readers who might be less familiar with each movement. This makes the book quite accessible and very teachable. It also raises questions about religious middle management that could make it a good starting point for additional research."
- Daniel Heifetz, University of Pittsburgh, Nova Religio 25, no. 3 (2022)

"This is a very important and timely contribution to the study of Japanese religions in a global setting, with a well-researched and solid introduction and a rich variety of case studies, which I would warmly recommend to both graduate students and specialists in the field."
- Ugo Dessì, Religious Studies Review, Vol. 46 (2020)

Globalizing Asian Religions

Management and Marketing

This book brings together the insights of theories of management and marketing to give an original view of the organizational dynamics of globalizing Asian New Religious Movements (NRMs) and established religions. Seventeen authors in this collection have recast their data on individual Asian religions and social movements to focus on the way these organizations are managed in an overseas or global context, by examining the structure, organizational culture, management style, leadership principles and marketing strategies of the religious movements they had hitherto studied from the perspective of the sociology of religion, or religious studies. The book examines strategies for global proselytization and outcomes in a variety of local ethnographic contexts, thus contributing to the scholarly work on the ‘glocalization’ of religions.

Wendy Smith

Dr Wendy Smith, formerly Senior Lecturer in management and Japanese studies at Monash University, is an anthropologist in the fields of management, religion and Asian studies.

Hirochika Nakamaki

Dr Hirochika Nakamaki, Director-General of the Suita City Museum, Professor Emeritus, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan, and President of the Senri Foundation, is an anthropologist of Japanese religions, Japanese management and calendar studies.

Louella Matsunaga

Dr Louella Matsunaga, Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Japan, Oxford Brookes University, researches gender in Japanese companies, branding, and Japanese religions outside Japan.

Tamasin Ramsay

Dr Tamasin Ramsay is an applied anthropologist with special expertise in the Brahma Kumaris, a former NGO Representative to the United Nations (New York) for the Brahma Kumaris, and an activist and researcher in the animal liberation movement.