The End of Silence
The End of Silence
Accounts of the 1965 Genocide in Indonesia
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Apology In the Beginning was the Word The Mutation of Fear: Legacy of the Long-Dead Dictator The Accounts of the Victims: The Letter in the Sock: - Leo Mulyono - Oei Hiem Hwie - Pudji Rahardjo The Steel Women: - Sri Muhayati - Christina Sumarmiyati The Accounts of the Siblings: - Sriyono Wiwoho - Adi Rukun The Accounts of the Children: - Usmantri Sukardi - Iwan Kamah - Irina Dayasih - Wayan Windra - Kristianto Budi - Sari Marlina - Rito Aji - Soe Tjen Marching The Accounts of the Grandchildren: - Kusuma Wijaya - Diah Wahyuningsih Rahayu - Haidir Svj - Kiky Epilogue

Reviews and Features

"The book is a most recommendable piece for readers who are not yet familiar with the massacre of 1965 as well as for those who have already studied the tragedy. The personal accounts render the traumatic incidents an intimate sharing of emotions, but above this personal level, Marching’s distinct analytical approach is a masterful study that indeed symbolises an End of Silence."
- Claudia Derichs, International Quarterly for Asian Studies (2020)

"A rich and fascinating account of first-hand experience with the anti-communist mass killings and their devastating long-term impact on Indonesian society"
- Clemens Six, (2018)

"Marching hopes this collection of victims’ accounts will help prevent the destruction of memories of 1965-1966. Her closing words reflect exactly my own estimation of her work: "This book has given the space for the survivors and their families to challenge the chronic stigma maintained by the perpetrators and their cronies: it is time to end the silence.""
- Mike Coppin, Asia Pacific Focus (2017)

Soe Tjen Marching

The End of Silence

Accounts of the 1965 Genocide in Indonesia

In the late 1960s, between one and two million people were killed by Indonesian president Suharto's army in the name of suppressing communism-and more than fifty years later, the issue of stigmatisation is still relevant for many victims of the violence and their families. The End of Silence presents the stories of these individuals, revealing how many survivors from the period have been so strongly affected by the strategy used by Suharto and his Western allies that these survivors, still afraid to speak out, essentially serve to maintain the very ideology that led to their persecution.

Soe Tjen Marching

Soe Tjen Marching is the founder of Bhinneka Magazine and the author of several books. She is Senior Lector in Indonesian at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and has taught at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.