Anthropologists Wanted
Anthropologists Wanted
Why Organizations Need Anthropology
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Preface to the 2021 edition

1. What is anthropology?
Why anthropology?
Participant observation
Structuralism and relativism
Context and holism
Academic and applied, reflective and engaged
Applied anthropology
...and what’s the salary?
Interlude with Corina Enache
Interlude with Anneke Beerkens
Interlude with Emma Ratia

2. ‘What can I do with an anthropology degree?’
As an undergraduate student, how can I prepare for the job market?
What is the added value of a master’s degree in the job market?
What distinguishes anthropologists from other social scientists?
Why would an employer want to hire an anthropologist?
How can I ‘translate’ my discipline for employers?
How do I land my first job?
Interlude with Lianne Quax
Interlude with Rita Ouédraogo
Interlude with Sam van Vliet

3. Academic anthropology: working at a university
Getting a doctorate
A postdoctoral position
Interlude with Bart Barendregt
Interlude with Naomi van Stapele
Interlude with Loes Berendsen

4. Unique skills of an anthropologist
Ordering chaos
Seeing the invisible
Understanding the internal logic
Discovering patterns
Guiding change
Telling persuasive stories
Enriching decision-making
Interlude with Olof van der Gaag
Interlude with Mark Middel
Interlude with Michelle Steggerda

5. Branding anthropology
Framing: anthropologists as fixers of human issues
Power: own your rank!
Language: multilingual, strategic and playful
Tempo: faster and with the beat
Nuance: strength and weakness
Ethics: pragmatic, bold and brave
Change: to describe and to create
Always underline you are an anthropologist
Interlude with Martin Ortlieb

6. Anthropologists, employers and the job market
Anthropologists on starting out
Anthropologists on their career paths
Professional fields: where anthropologists work
Trends and developments
Employers on anthropologists
Employer tips for anthropologists
Tips from working anthropologists
Interview with Frans Lustermans
Interview with Lilian Swart-Eekhout
Interview with Meino Zandwijk


Reviews and Features

"You've written such a welcome book; it is proving so useful at this stage of my anthropology studies. It offers so many great insights and has given me the confidence I'll need when applying for jobs. It should be required reading for every anthropology student!"
Razia Jaggoe, anthropology student

Anthropologists Wanted

Why Organizations Need Anthropology

In Anthropologists Wanted. Why Organizations Need Anthropology the authors present a broad and inspiring survey of anthropologists in the job market. What in fact is anthropology? What skills do anthropologists have? Where do they work? How do they add value in the workplace, according to the people who hire them? And how can anthropologists showcase their qualities to employers? The book contains unique insights for anyone who plans to study, is studying, or has studied anthropology. And for employers interested in why anthropological knowledge is important.

Anthropologists Wanted includes portraits of anthropologists and their diverse occupations, interviews with employers and academic counsellors' answers to frequently asked questions about degree programmes, anthropological skills, and tips to help you land that job.

Laurens Bakker

Laurens Bakker is associate professor and researcher at the Anthropology department of the University of Amsterdam.

Masja Cohen

Masja Cohen is Senior Advisor Social Domain at consultancy Haute Equipe.

Walter Faaij

Walter Faaij is founder of Green Culture Lab and works as a corporate anthropologist on sustainability and organizational culture.

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