Open Access Books

Our Open Access books are published online and marketed internationally. AUP offers high quality service and competitive pricing.

Sponsored Open Access

The author has funds available to support Open Access publication, through their institute, funder, government or society. AUP offers highly competitive rates for Open Access publishing.

Immediate Open Access from €8950

AUP aims to make Open Access publishing available to as many researchers as possible. With a fee from €8950 to publish a monograph or edited collection Open Access, AUP is among the fairest priced in the industry. It is important to note that while this fee compensates for the e-book revenue, it does not cover production costs or compensate for a loss of print revenue. This distinction allows AUP to keep the fees low, but it also means that it is not possible to offer a reduced price for the print version when an Open Access e-book is available. For authors wishing to lower the sales price of the print book by paying a higher Open Access fee, AUP are happy to investigate how to accommodate your request.

Choice and availability

Printed books alongside an Open Access e-book have a link to the Open Access database on the book’s page on the AUP website, allowing customers to use this link to download the book PDF for free. Customers who prefer a print version can order this directly from the same page, or through their own booksellers. AUP's Open Access partners include:

Green Open Access

AUP is supportive of Green Open Access initiatives and encourage authors to share the author’s version of their academic book chapters and monographs in institutional repositories, their personal website and on Mendeley, ResearchGate or and similar outlets. AUP has no embargos (delay / waiting time) for Green Open Access.

The author’s version is the manuscript after peer-review and accepted for publication, for instance as MS Word file, RTF or PDF, but not the AUP print proof or final PDF. When you share this version, please credit the original record as the book listed on the AUP website. Please include the ISBN for the book to make it easy for readers to cite the article, book chapter or monograph.

If your contribution is published as Immediate Open Access, you are free to share the official version of the PDF. You can find out the status of your book chapter or monograph on the AUP website.


AUP works in partnership with Figshare, a web-based platform to help academic institutions manage, disseminate and measure the public attention of all their research outputs. AUP uses their repository software to quickly and efficiently make supplementary data, such as appendixes, audio and/or video files, dates, etc., publicly available in the AUP portal, Authors can also submit their data in an easy-to-use submission system. Content published in the portal will benefit from tracked usage metrics - including Altmetrics - clear licencing information, previewed files, a citable digital object identifier (DOI), and more.

Knowledge Unlatched

AUP can nominate your book for inclusion in the Knowledge Unlatched initiative (KU); upon acceptance this initiative ensures OA free of charge for authors. KU offers free access to scholarly content for every reader across the world and their online platform provides libraries worldwide with a central place to support OA models from leading publishing houses and new OA initiatives.

OAPEN OA Books Toolkit

The OAPEN Foundation has an OA books toolkit for researchers and academic book authors. The toolkit covers specific topics related to open access books. Each article offers a quick and brief introduction to a particular aspect of open access book publishing. The toolkit also serves as a signposting tool: articles include a list of sources referenced, further reading and links to definitions of key terms. Access the toolkit via the OAPEN website:

Further Information

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