What People Say About AUP

Amsterdam University Press is proud to be a part of an international academic community. Find out what people are saying about working with AUP and AUP's publishing programme.

"Many thanks to all the amazing people from AUP who worked tirelessly (and punctually) with us to get to publication. We are thrilled at this collaboration."

Hatem Akil and Simone Maddanu, editors of Global Modernity from Coloniality to Pandemic (Amsterdam University Press, 2022)

"I looked to publish my research in a series where my book was a perfect fit and with the possibility to publish open access - I chose Amsterdam University Press and would do it again."

Jannis Julien Grimm, author of Contested Legitimacies (Amsterdam University Press, 2022)

"We are honestly both delighted. The volume looks truly handsome and is a testament to everyone's hard work."

Piers Baker-Bates and Irene Brooke, editors of Portrait Cultures of the Early Modern Cardinal (Amsterdam University Press, 2021)

"It was a pleasure working with all the other people at Amsterdam University Press. We are really happy with the result and glad that the book is available already to a wide audience through Open Access."

Mario Damen and Kim Overlaet, editors of Constructing and Representing Territory in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Amsterdam University Press, 2021)

"It was a great pleasure to work with AUP on this publication."

Csilla Ariese and Magdalena Wroblewska, authors of Practicing Decoloniality in Museums (Amsterdam University Press, 2021)

“I have been extremely impressed with the thoroughness, helpfulness and efficiency of Amsterdam University Press. Of my over 20 books, this one has been handled by publisher and staff the most pleasantly and professionally. Perhaps I will be able to take advantage of the Press’s services again.”

Gary Waller, author of The Female Baroque in Early Modern English Literary Culture (Amsterdam University Press, 2020)

“My experience with AUP has been extremely smooth and enjoyable and I'll definitely recommend it to others for a good place to publish their books.”

Simon Wickhamsmith, author of Politics and Literature in Mongolia (1921-1948) (Amsterdam University Press, 2020)

“Thank you very much for the very, very helpful and extensive AUP PR toolkit! I am also very happy about the publication and the support that it (and I) have got from all of you at AUP during each and every publication step!”

Sebastian Vehlken, author of Zootechnologies: A Media History of Swarm Research (Amsterdam University Press, 2019)

“The range of works that AUP (and your partner Arc Humanities Press) is publishing is wonderful. You are really taking medieval and Early Modern studies publishing in new directions – well done.”

Elizabeth Freeman, Senior Lecturer in Medieval European History, University of Tasmania

“The AUP team did a stellar job on this collaboration, as they do with everything we have worked on over the years. It is the hard work and dedication they bring to all their projects that makes them such a pleasure to work with.”

Gregory Bracken, author of the Amsterdam University Press books Asian Cities: Colonial to Global (2015), volume editor Ancient and Modern Practices of Citizenship in Asia and the West (2018), co-editor Future Challenges of Cities in Asia (2019) and volume editor Contemporary Practices of Citizenship in Asia and the West (2020)

“I am happy to say that I unreservedly recommend AUP. I have found working with the team to be very straightforward and I am impressed by your professionalism and careful attention to detail over the past 15-16 months.”

Wendy Mee, author of Cross-border Mobility (Amsterdam University Press, 2019)

“I have found working with AUP a real pleasure and extremely stress-free, and am completely pleased with the final product which is clearly very high quality. I think it handles like a very "desirable" volume.”

Josephine Billingham, author of Infanticide in Tudor and Stuart England (Amsterdam University Press, 2019)