Contemporary Studies on Premodern Scandinavia
The Baldishol Tapestry - Baldisholteppet, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway, available in the public domain
Series editors

Rebecca Merkelbach, Universität Tübingen
Sabine Heidi Walther, Universität Bonn
Ármann Jakobsson, University of Iceland, Edda
Nahir I. Otaño Gracia, University of New Mexico

Geographical Scope
Encompasses all Nordic countries, including the East Norse realm and its literary and other cultural products
Chronological Scope
Premodern Scandinavia, pre-1900
Nordic, history, comparative, medieval, methodology, gender, Northern Europe

Contemporary Studies on Premodern Scandinavia

This series seeks to bring together a complementary mix of traditional and more modern methodologies, combining established fields of study with innovative research on newer or more controversial topics. The goal of the series is to combine developing approaches, such as medievalism, game theory, media studies, trans/gender studies, comparative studies, and other newer methodologies, with traditional approaches to nuance and revise the field. Juxtaposing ‘contemporary’ and ‘premodern’ in the series title signifies that CSPS is taking a distinctly new approach to topics on premodern Scandinavia.

We are actively seeking proposals, and we especially welcome projects that overturn commonly held opinions/prejudices in the field, decenter Scandinavian studies around the Norway/Iceland canon, as well as projects which relate to the modern world or contemporary issues.