Distinguished Asian Studies Scholars: Collected Writings
Bridge over the pond in the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park, UK.
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Distinguished Asian Studies Scholars: Collected Writings

Discipline:Asian Studies

Late career, established scholars well known for their specialisms in the humanities and social sciences in East Asian Studies (principally, to date, Japanese Studies) are invited to ‘join’ the series by Paul Norbury. The volumes comprise both published and unpublished writings, including ‘popular’ writings and reviews and, importantly, a mini memoir (intended as a historical record) focusing on their career and specialism(s) in Asian Studies and how it came about. The volume title is intended to reflect the main career focus of the author’s work and is supported by a Foreword from a respected scholar in the field who endeavours to appraise the author’s contributions in his/her particular field(s) with supportive comments and highlights.

The volume contains a full bibliography of the author’s writings. The author is required to obtain all necessary clearances.

Note: Over the past 25 years, under the Global Oriental, Brill and Renaissance imprints Paul Norbury has published over 20 volumes in this ‘collected writings’ series.

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