East Asian Philosophy and Political Thought
Series editors

Sungmoon Kim, City University of Hong Kong (Chief Editor)
Ellie Wang, National Chengchi University (Associate Editor)

Geographical Scope
East Asia
Editorial Board

Stephen Angle, Wesleyan University
Tao Jiang, Rutgers University
Karyn Lai, University of New South Wales
Rahul Sagar, NYU- Abu Dhabi

East Asian philosophy, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, philosophy of law, political philosophy, political thought, comparative philosophy, moral philosophy

East Asian Philosophy and Political Thought

Discipline:Asian Studies

Despite the growing interest in East Asian philosophy and political thought in the English-speaking academic world, the discipline of philosophy, broadly understood, is still dominated by Western philosophy and political thought, making it challenging for scholars in the field to find a venue where they can publish their book-length research outputs, whether authored or edited, guided by a deep editorial understanding of their nature and significance in their own intellectual contexts. This new book series aims to meet this vital need of scholars working in East Asian philosophy and political thought by publishing path-breaking and field-defining works with a special interest in works of normative and applied ethics, moral philosophy, and political theory and thought across all East Asian philosophical traditions. This series seeks works that meet the standards of philosophical rigor and argumentative clarity, be they historically grounded or more focused on contemporary affairs and problems that call for our critical attention in East Asia and beyond. As such, this series aims to promote East Asian philosophy and political thought globally with full attention to its own historical contexts and contemporary implications.

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