Histories of Everyday Life Around the World
Six Noh Performances in Scenes from Daily Life, Japan c. 1700, Metropolitan Museum of New York, in the public domain
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Sarah Schneewind, UC San Diego

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Eve Krakowski, Princeton University
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Rebecca Plant, UC San Diego
Jeremy Prestholdt, UC San Diego
Estela Roselló Soberón, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico
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Hermann Von Hesse, Rice University

Everyday, work, daily, family, faith, history

Histories of Everyday Life Around the World

The series consists of research monographs that delve into particular aspects of everyday life, especially the lives of non-elite people, in any place-time in history. Possibilities include (but are not limited to) detailed accounts of work encompassing both techniques, skills, and knowledge on the one hand and social relations with clients, co-workers, masters, and employers on the other; in-depth accounts of family relations both economic and emotional; and multi-facetted accounts of religious experience and the socio-economic relations around religion. We welcome research that draws on published texts, archives, and material culture, and that borrows insights and methods from fields such as anthropology and sociology to gain access to the experiences of working people.