North East Asian Studies
Mongolian Archery during Naadam 2014
By Chinneeb from Wikimedia Commons
Series editors

Prof. Caroline Humphrey, University of Cambridge
Franck Billé, University of California Berkeley

Geographical Scope
North East Asia (Mongolia, Eastern Russia, Northern China, Korea, Japan)
Chronological Scope
Editorial Board

Manduhai Buyandelger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bruce Grant, New York University
Liu Xin, University of California, Berkeley
Madeleine Reeves, University of Manchester
Sonia Ryang, Rice University

Borders, migration, urbanism, environment, trade, ethnicity, media, technology

North East Asian Studies

Discipline:Asian Studies

This series presents groundbreaking research on North East Asia, a vast region encompassing the Russian Far East, Siberia, northern China, Mongolia, Japan, and Korea.

Despite its strategic significance, studies of North East Asia remain fragmented and pigeonholed within the academic traditions of Eastern European, postsocialist and Asian studies. The series seeks to address this gap by publishing innovative monographs and edited volumes spanning the region beyond national boundaries. Ranging from migration and crossborder trade to urban development and climate change, the series foregrounds contemporary and emerging issues, and make critical interventions in both regional studies and in the field of social sciences.