Studies in Monarchy & Money. Royal Economic, Business, and Financial Histories
Photograph composition of king and queen chess pieces, the connection of money and monarchy visible on historical and current currency with monarch images, and the global reach of monarchical rule symbolized by a map.
Ch. Backerra, CC BY.
Series editors

Dr Charlotte Backerra, University of Göttingen, Germany
Dr Cathleen Sarti, University of Oxford, UK

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Antiquity to present day
Advisory Board

Dr Milinda Banerjee, St Andrews, UK
Prof Dr Amalie Fößel, Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Dr Fatima Rhorchi, Meknes, Morocco
Dr Lledó Ruiz Domingo, Valencia, Spain
Dr Jonathan Spangler, Manchester Metropolitan, UK
Dr Elena Woodacre, Winchester, UK

Royal Studies, Monarchy, Economic History, Finances, Administration, Power, Court Studies, Wealth, Dynasty

Studies in Monarchy & Money. Royal Economic, Business, and Financial Histories

Studies in Monarchy & Money addresses the interdependences between monarchical rule and economy, business, and finance. Monetary, commercial, and economic aspects of monarchical rule are lacunae in monographic historical and contemporary research, despite their relevance for political affairs, as discussed in the fields of global capitalism or economic thought.

In monarchies, power, administration, economy, and finances were and are intertwined aspects of the royal household. Analysing the resources of a monarchy, a dynasty, or a court is essential in assessing the development of a realm and its international influence, as well as the complexity of its government. Although historical research has considered monarchical rule in various aspects, there is a clear gap in terms of analysing royal administration of money and assets, decisions behind expenditures and resource utilisation, and strategies of investments.

The book series aims to become the platform for this new field of research and welcomes studies on economic, financial, business and administrative activities of monarchical rulers, ruling dynasties, or courts from antiquity to present day, and any geographical origin. Studies shall analyse revenue, expenditure, ownership and management of royal assets, business enterprises, manufactures, economic knowledge, sovereign debt, or economic oversight.

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