Transgressive Media Culture
Nothing is more necessary or stronger in us than rebellion. Georges Bataille, The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge
Artwork by Jason Lee
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Jason Lee, De Montfort University, UK

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The focus is primarily on media culture since the 1990s to today.
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James Tangen, De Montfort University, UK
Stuart Price, De Montfort University, UK

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Feona Attwood, University of Middlesex
Juan José Cruz, Universidad de La Laguna
Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University
James Kincaid, University of Southern California
Xavier Mendik, Birmingham City University
Balan Muthurajah, independent
David Nash, Oxford Brookes University
Atte Oksanen, University of Tampere
Nycole Prowse, University of the Sunshine Coast
David Punter, University of Bristol
Will Self, Brunel University
Ellen Wright, De Montfort University

Transgression, crime, media, discourse, ideology, film, culture

Transgressive Media Culture

Transgressive Media Culture publishes original monographs and exceptional edited collections that examine what is conceived to be beyond the limit, especially work that takes issue with this paradigm. We seek proposals that are challengingly transgressive and that challenge transgression. From human trafficking and child sexual abuse, to conspiracy theories and cults, to the works of Lars Von Trier and other ground-breaking filmmakers, discourse on transgression dominates media culture, making this series necessary. While our focus is on transgressive media culture, this series engages fully with interdisciplinary areas and methodologies, including those drawn from sociology, psychology, philosophy and anthropology, producing original work by and for film and media scholars and beyond. The global scope of this work, with a transnational focus, is also key to its significance and contemporary relevance. We welcome any submission transgressing the boundaries of knowledge in the field.

The series currently revolves non-exclusively around the following key themes:

  • Analysis of forms of media culture that violate moral, legal, cultural and social limits
  • High theory and its use in the context of transgressive media culture discourse
  • Beyond transgression - the return to the Law and Theology
  • Extreme media culture across all forms
  • Trans, in any variety e.g. human-species-gender-sexuality
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