Author Guide (Journals)

Information for authors of scholarly articles.

Amsterdam University Press publishes a growing number of academic journals within the social sciences and humanities. Our journals are peer-reviewed and follow international industry standards for scholarly publications. All are published online and most also have a printed edition.

Find the right fit

If you want to publish an article or other academic contribution in an AUP journal, please look for the journal that fits best with your research interests and/or written work. A list of all AUP journals can be found here.

Instructions for Authors

On the journal pages, you will find detailed instructions for authors. If necessary, consult previous issues of the journal in which you plan to publish to see if your contribution would fit with its standards and the scope. In case of any questions, please contact the journal editors.

Contact the journal editors

On the web pages of specific journals, you will find the contact details of the editorial office and/or other relevant editorial contacts. Use these to approach the journal editors with your manuscript. Please specify what kind of article you are submitting (e.g. research article or book review) and make sure that the manuscript is complete and conforms to the author instructions.

Consent to Publish

If the manuscript is accepted (after peer-review), the editorial secretary or editor-in-chief will send you a Consent-to-Publish form.

Publishing Ethics & Malpractice Statement

When publishing in an AUP journal, authors are expected to follow AUP’s ethical standards, the text of which you can find here.

Open Access

AUP has a variety of open access options. 17 of our journals are currently published in Diamond Open Access. We offer delayed open access after 24 months and immediate green open access for our subscription journals. More information on our Open Access policies can be found here

Propose a new journal

AUP has a growing list of English and Dutch language scholarly journals. We are interested in receiving serious proposals for new titles or for taking over the publication of existing journals. Please contact Irene van Rossum for more information or to discuss your idea.

Promoting your journal publication

We have created a toolkit with information and best practices for how to promote your journal or article, you can read this here.

If you would like to recommend one of our journals to your library you can do so using our library recommedation form.

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General queries and subscriptions

For general queries about publishing in one of our journals you can send an email to

For subscriptions or customer services, please contact