The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods
The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods
History, Relevance and Role as Religious Icons
Christina Han
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Asian Studies
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Translator’s Preface
List of Figures
List of Plates
Visions, Images, Performance: Understanding Korean Shaman Art
By Christina Han
• Two Origin Stories
• Shamanism in Korea
• Korean Shaman Gods
• Representing the Gods
• Relationship between Shamans and Shaman Paintings
• Shaman Ritual and Shaman Paintings
• Significance of Korean Shamanist Paintings in the Context of the Ritual
Chapter 1
Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods
By Kim Tae-gon
• Paintings of Shaman Gods: A Note on Terminology
• The History and Formation of Shaman God Paintings
• Types, Functions, Distribution
• Display and Worship
• Forms, Composition, Styles
• Shaman God Paintings and Shaman Spirituality
Chapter 2
The Shaman God Painting as an Icon and Its Artistic Qualities
By Bak Yong-suk
• General Reflections on Shamanism
• The Characteristics of Shaman Gods and Shaman God Paintings
• Shaman God Paintings and Icons
• Artistic Forms of Shaman God Paintings
Images of Korean Shaman Gods
Glossary of Terms

Kim Tae-gon

The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods

History, Relevance and Role as Religious Icons

This is the first monograph on the subject to be published in English. It comprises 130 full-colour plates of shaman gods. Supported by two introductory chapters ‘Reflections on Shaman God Paintings and Shamanism’ by Kim Tae-gon, and ‘The Shaman God Paintings as an Icon and Its Artistic Qualities’ by Bak Yong-suk, both distinguished authorities in the study of Korean Shamanism, The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods offers a very accessible introduction to understanding Korean shamanism and its art. The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods broad appeal will be welcomed by both specialists and generalists in the fields of Asian Studies, Art History and Cultural and Religious Studies.

Kim Tae-gon

Kim Tae-gon (1937-1996) was professor at Kyunghee University, and amongst many professional roles, served as President of the Korean Folklore Society. Bak Yong-suk (b.1935) was a professor of art history at Dongduk Women’s University and a prolific author in the field of Korean art history and religions. Christina Han is Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, and Curatorial Consultant and Research Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum.