The Study of Religion and the Training of Muslim Clergy in Europe
The Study of Religion and the Training of Muslim Clergy in Europe
Academic and Religious Freedom in the 21st Century
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Table of Contents - 8 Preface and Acknowledgements - 12 Acaddemic and Religious Freedom: An Introduction - 14 Part One: Academic Freedom and the Study of religion - 30 1. Academic Freedom and Competing Authorities: Historical Reflections - 32 2. Freedom of Thought and the Authority of Tradition in Modern Jewisg Philosophy: The Cases of Spinoza and Mendelssohn - 48 3. Academic Freedom and the Symbolic Significance of Evolution - 60 4. The Dismissal of A.J. Wensinck from the Royal Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo - 92 5. The Historical Method of Biblical Interpretation: Its Nature, Use, Origin and Limitations - 136 6. Trial of Thought: Modern Inquisition in Egypt A Case Study - 154 7. Academic Freedom in Islamic Studies and the Surveillance by Muslim Activists in Indonesia - 180 8. Historians of Religion as Agents of Religious Change - 196 9. A Passing Storm or a Structural Shift? Challenges to Academic Freedom in the United States After September 11 - 220 10. In the Wake of the Cartoon Crisis: Freedom of Expression of Academics in Denmark - 244 Part Two: The Academic Training of Muslim Clergy n Europe - 276 11. History of the Institutionalized Training of Imams in Bosnia-Herzegovina - 278 12. The Training of Imams by the Third Reich - 334 13. The Academic Training of Imams Recent Discussions and Initiatives in the Netherlands - 370 14. Non-Formal Islamic Higher Education in the Netherlands: With Some Comparative Notes on France and the United Kingdom - 404 15. Islamic Religious Pedagogy at the University of Vienna - 428 16. Legitimizing Islamic Theology at European Universities - 446 17. The Training Programme of Immams in Italy - 470 Index - 486 Contributors - 500

Willem Drees

The Study of Religion and the Training of Muslim Clergy in Europe

Academic and Religious Freedom in the 21st Century

Religious scholarship can be offensive to
believers, as conflicts from the time of
Galileo and Spinoza to the recent critique
of Danish religious scholars in the wake of
the infamous Muhammad cartoons have
shown. Studies of this type of scholarship
have been appropriated by believers as a
means of reinventing their own identities
– as the training of twentieth-century
Muslim clergy demonstrates. This volume
offers a unique collection of training materials
from European Muslim clergy since
the 1940s – including Third Reich reports on debriefing imams, surveillance files on
Muslim activists, and information on
Bosnian clergy and their training centres
– as well as an exploration of religion and
academic freedom in general, accompanied
by appendices in both Arabic and English.
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Willem Drees

Willem B. Drees is professor emeritus of religious philosophy at Leiden University. He was recently appointed secretary for humanities and social sciences of the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (Royal Holland Society of Sciences) in Haarlem.