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Productive Fandom
Productive Fandom
Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures
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Nicolle Lamerichs

Productive Fandom

Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures

To dismantle negative stereotypes of fans, this book offers a media ethnography of the digital culture, conventions, and urban spaces associated with fandoms, arguing that fandom is an area of productive, creative, and subversive value. By examining the fandoms of Sherlock, Glee, Firefly, and other popular television-based franchises, the author appeals to fans and scholars alike in her empirically grounded methodology and insightful analysis of production hierarchies, gender, sexuality, play, and affect.

Nicolle Lamerichs

Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs is senior lecturer and team lead at Creative Business at HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. She holds a PhD in media studies from Maastricht University (2014). In her book Productive Fandom (2018), she explores intermediality, affect, costuming and creativity in fan cultures. Her research focuses on participatory culture and new media, specifically the nexus between popular culture, platforms, storytelling and play. She has co-edited Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences (2014) with Alice Chauvel and Jessica Seymour.