Anton Pannekoek: Ways of Viewing Science and Society
Anton Pannekoek: Ways of Viewing Science and Society
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Anton Pannekoek, Viewing Science and Society (Chaokang Tai, Bart van der Steen, and Jeroen van Dongen) Anton Pannekoek's Astronomy in Relation to his Political Activities, and the Founding of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Amsterdam (Edward P.J. van den Heuvel) Anton Pannekoek: A 'Principled Theorist' (Gerrit Voerman) Utopianism in Anton Pannekoek's Socialism and Astronomy (Klaas van Berkel) Pannekoek's One Revolution: Anton Pannekoek and the Modernization of the Dutch Astronomical Community (David Baneke) Astronomy in the Time of Pannekoek and Pannekoek as an Astronomer of his Times (Robert W. Smith) 'A New Scientific Conception of the Human World': Anton Pannekoek's Understanding of Scientific Socialism (Bart van der Steen) From Science to Science: Anton Pannekoek, Willem Bonger and Scientific Socialism (Annemarie Rullens) Popularizing the Cosmos: Pedagogies of Science and Society in Anton Pannekoek's Life and Work (Jennifer Tucker) Anton Pannekoek as a Pioneer in the Sociology of Knowledge (Bart Karstens) The Milky Way as Optical Phenomenon: Perception and Photography in the Drawings of Anton Pannekoek (Chaokang Tai) The Labour of Handwork in Astronomy: Between Drawing and Photography in Anton Pannekoek (Omar W. Nasim) Cross-Fading the Milky Way: Johan Hartle in conversation with Jeronimo Voss about universalism and a realist economy of time A Galaxy of Appearances: Anton Pannekoek and the Planetary Cinema of Jeronimo Voss (Alena J. Williams) Index
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Anton Pannekoek: Ways of Viewing Science and Society

Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960), prominent astronomer and world-renowned socialist theorist, stood at the nexus of the revolutions in politics, science and the arts of the early twentieth century. His astronomy was uniquely visual and highly innovative, while his politics were radical. Anton Pannekoek: Ways of Viewing Science and Society collects essays on Pannekoek and his contemporaries at the crossroads of political history, the history of science and art history.

Chaokang Tai

Chaokang Tai graduated in the program in History and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University in 2013. He is currently working on a PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam, where he focuses on Anton Pannekoek’s contributions to astronomy and how they relate to his social theory.

Bart van der Steen

Bart van der Steen is University Lecturer in Modern History at Leiden University, and a specialist in labour history. His most recent publications include In Leiden moet het anders. Geschiedenis van een SP-afdeling (2019) and (as editor) A European Youth Revolt (2016).

Jeroen van Dongen

Jeroen van Dongen is Professor of History of Science at the University of Amsterdam. His most recent publications include Einstein’s Unification (2010) and Cold War Science and the Transatlantic Circulation of Knowledge (2015).