Imams in Western Europe
Imams in Western Europe
Developments, Transformations, and Institutional Challenges
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"This volume is a useful tool for students, researchers and lecturers who are interested in the fields of sociology and anthropology of Islam, diaspora studies, migration studies, and Islamic studies in general. It is a very thorough "road map" for graduate students, scholars and policy makers who work in the areas of education, integration and Muslim minorities and is generally very well balanced in both the theory and its case studies. The work effectively sketches the institution of the imamate in Europe, from both a macro and a micro perspective." - Merve Reyhan Kayikci, Journal of Muslims in Europe 2020

"Nous sommes en présence d'un ouvrage qui contient des études approfondies et qui apporte des éclairages utiles sur la figure de l'imam dans les pays d'Europe de l'Ouest. [=] ce collectif constitue une contribution pionnière sur les imams européens, qui donne matière à réfléchir à d'autres chercheurs travaillant sur l'autorité religieuse en islam, sur d'autres religions ou encore sur des thématiques plus larges, telles que la migration, la sécularisation ou le multiculturalisme." - Dr Anna Grasso, Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions

"This fascinating book on imams in Western Europe is well timed to respond to the European discourse on Islam and Muslims, coming at a time of remarkable developments in the imam as a concept, as a religious institution, and as an authority for the Muslims of Western Europe." - Jørgen S. Nielsen, Professor, Universities of Birmingham and Copenhagen

Imams in Western Europe

Developments, Transformations, and Institutional Challenges

As European Muslims and Muslims in the Middle East diverge, imams in Europe have emerged as major agents of religious authority who shape Islam’s presence in Western societies. This volume examines the theoretical and practical questions concerning the evolving role of imams in Europe. To what extent do imams act as intermediaries between European states and Muslim communities? Do states subsidise imam training? How does institutionalisation of Islam differ between European states?

Mohammed Hashas

Mohammed Hashas is a Research Fellow in the Department of Political Science, LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, Italy.

Jan Jaap de Ruiter

Jan Jaap de Ruiter is Arabist and assistant professor at the Tilburg University.

Niels Valdemar Vinding

Niels Valdemar Vinding is an assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen.