Erotic Comics in Japan
Erotic Comics in Japan
An Introduction to Eromanga
Patrick Galbraith
Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto
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Asian Studies
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Translators' Introduction: Eromanga in the Global Now
Introduction: The Invisible Realm

Part 1: A History of Eromanga
Memes Spread

Chapter 1: The Gene Pool of Manga and Gekiga
Chapter 2: The Rise and Fall of Third-Rate Gekiga and the Eve of Bish?jo-Style Eromanga
Chapter 3: Bishojo-Style Eromanga Takes the Stage

Part 2: The Various Forms of Love and Sex
Subdividing Desire

Chapter 4: Lolicon Manga
Chapter 5: Big Breasts and Manga
Chapter 6: Little Sisters and Incest
Chapter 7: Disgrace and Training
Chapter 8: Love Stories
Chapter 9: Sadomasochism and Sexual Minorities
Chapter 10: Gender Mayhem

Part 3: Addition to the Expanded Edition (2014)
Eromanga in the Twenty-First Century

Conclusion: Permeation, Diffusion and What Comes After
Pornography Without Sex

Afterword (2006)

Afterword to the Expanded Edition (2014)

Index of Artists and Individuals

Reviews and Features

"Packed with dense on-the-ground knowledge and experience, this book illustrates how erotic manga and eroticism per se interleaves with manga for children and globally recognized works. A valuable resource for students of postwar sexuality and comics."
- Sharon Kinsella, University of Manchester

"This path-breaking English-language resource on eromanga is eye opening. It not only undermines assumptions about the gender identity of creators and readers, but also exposes that manga is not fully manga without its mediations of sexuality."
- Jaqueline Berndt, Stockholm University

"Nagayama presents a history of the development of erotic manga, and run-down of its many variant niches, sure to prove eye-poppingly illuminating to contemporary scholars."
- Jonathan Clements, author of Anime: A History

Kaoru Nagayama

Erotic Comics in Japan

An Introduction to Eromanga

Comics and cartoons from Japan, or manga and anime, are an increasingly common feature of visual and popular culture around the world. While it is often observed that these media forms appeal to broad and diverse demographics, including many adults, eroticism continues to unsettle critics and has even triggered legal action in some jurisdictions. It is more urgent than ever to engage in productive discussion, which begins with being informed about content that is still scarcely understood outside small industry and fan circles. Erotic Comics in Japan: An Introduction to Eromanga is the most comprehensive introduction in English to erotic comics in Japan, or eromanga. Divided into three parts, it provides a history of eroticism in Japanese comics and cartoons generally leading to the emergence of eromanga specifically, an overview of seven themes running across works with close analysis of outstanding examples and a window onto ongoing debates surrounding regulation and freedom of expression in Japan.
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Kaoru Nagayama

Nagayama Kaoru is a manga critic and activist based in Tokyo.