Korean Cinema in Global Contexts
Korean Cinema in Global Contexts
Post-Colonial Phantom, Blockbuster and Trans-Cinema
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Part 1. From Pre-Cinematic Culture to Trans-Cinema
1.Cartography of Catastrophe: Pre-Colonial Surveys, Post-Colonial Vampires, and the Plight of Korean Modernity
2.The State of Fantasy in Emergency: Fantasmatic Others in South Korean Films
3.Modernity in Suspense: The Logic of Fetishism in Korean Cinema
4.Do Not Include Me in Your “Us”’: Peppermint Candy and the Politics of Difference
5. Cine-Mania or Cinephilia: Film Festival and Identity Question
6.The Birth of the Local Feminist Sphere in the Global Era: Yeoseongjang and ‘Trans-cinema'
Part 2. Korean Cinema in Trans-Asia Framework
1. Inter-Asia Comparative Framework: Postcolonial Film Historiography in Taiwan and South Korea
2.Post-colonial Genre as Contact Zone: Hwalgeuk and Action Cinema
3. Geopolitical Fantasy: Continental (Manchurian) Action Movies during the Cold War Era
4. Anagram of Inter-Asian Korean Film : The Case of My Sassy Girl
5. Comparative Film Studies: Detour, Demon of Comparison and Dislocative Fantasy

Soyoung Kim

Korean Cinema in Global Contexts

Post-Colonial Phantom, Blockbuster and Trans-Cinema

Offering the most comprehensive analysis of Korean cinema from its early history to the present, and including the films of Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho and Kim Ki-young, Korean Cinema in Global Contexts: Postcolonial Phantom, Blockbuster and Trans-Cinema situates itself in the local, Inter-Asian, and transnational contexts by mobilizing the critical frameworks of feminism, postcolonial critique and comparative film studies. It is attentive to an enmeshment of the cinematic, aesthetics, politics and cultural history.
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Soyoung Kim

Soyoung Kim is Professor of Cinema Studies at the Korea National University of Arts, Director of the Trans-Asia Screen Culture Institute, and Visiting Professor at Duke University, UCBerkeley and Irvine, She is the editor of the History of Korean Cinema ( 10 vols), National Research Foundation of Korea, co-editor of Electronic Elsewheres: Media, Technology, and the Experience of Social Space, with Chris Berry and Lynn Spiegel, and Geo-Spatiality in Asian and Oceanic Literature and Culture : Worlding Asia in the Anthropocene with Shiuhhuah Serena Chou and Rob Wilson.