A New Social Question?
A New Social Question?
On Minimum Income Protection in the Postindustrial Era
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Table of Contents - 6 1 The Decline of Self-Reliance in Advanced Welfare States - 24 2 The Demand Shift against the Less-Skilled - 62 3 Low Pay and Poverty: Anatomy of a ‘New’ Social Risk - 98 4 On the Limits to Incrementalism in Income Protection Policy: The Case of Structural Unemployment in Belgium - 122 5 How Responsive Are Poverty Rates to Job Growth? - 166 6 Alternatives to Passive Income Support: - 196 Overall Conclusion - 230 List of Tables and Figures - 238 References - 244 Index - 278

Ive Marx

A New Social Question?

On Minimum Income Protection in the Postindustrial Era

Advanced welfare states are said to be facing, in the words of Pierre Rosanvallon, a "New Social Question". The idea here, and it is a widely shared one, is that the transition from an industrial to a postindustrial environment has brought with it a whole new set of social risks, constraints and trade-offs which necessitate radical recalibration of social security systems. This book analyses in some depth how economic change has impacted on minimum income protection in advanced welfare states. There is a particular focus on how Bismarckian welfare states have fared over recent decades.

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Ive Marx

Ive Marx is Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Policy at the University of Antwerp, Belgium