Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200
Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200
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Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200:
An Introduction
Erik Kwakkel
Carolingian Scholarship on Classical Authors: Practices of Reading and Writing
Mariken Teeuwen
The Transmission of Tibullus in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries
Robert G. Babcock
Diagrams of Knowledge and Rhetoric in Manuscripts of Cicero’s De inventione
Irene O’Daly
Classics on Scraps: Classical Manuscripts Made from Parchment Waste
Erik Kwakkel
Living with Ovid: The Founding of Arnulf of Orléans’ Thebes
David T. Gura
William of Malmesbury and the Classics: New Evidence
Rodney Thomson
Notes on Contributors
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Erik Kwakkel (ed.)

Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200

This volume explores the production and use of medieval manuscripts that contain classical Latin texts. Six experts in the field address a range of topics related to these manuscripts, including how classical texts were disseminated throughout medieval society, how readers used and interacted with specific texts, and what these books look like from a material standpoint. This collection of essays also considers the value of studying classical manuscripts as a distinct group, and demonstrates how such a collective approach can add to our understanding of how classical works functioned in medieval society. Focusing on the period 800-1200, when classical works played a crucial role in the teaching of grammar, rhetoric, and dialectics, this volume investigates how classical Latin texts were copied, used, and circulated in both discrete and shared contexts.

Erik Kwakkel

Erik Kwakkel teaches at Leiden University, where he directs the research project ‘Turning over a New Leaf: Manuscript Innovation in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance’.