For Study and Delight
For Study and Delight
Drawings and Prints from Leiden University
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Preface (jef schaeps)
For Study and Delight: the Leiden Collection of Drawings and Prints (jef schaeps)
1 The Sixteenth Century: Netherlandish Drawings from Gossart to Bloemaert (gert jan van der sman)
2 Bartholomeus Spranger and Mannerism in the Northern Netherlands (elmer kolfin)
3 Etchings by Painters of the Dutch Golden Age: Freedom and Experiment (jef schaeps)
4 Dutch Drawing in the Seventeenth Century (nelke bartelings)
5 French Printmaking in the Seventeenth Century: Skill and Diversity (nelke bartelings)
6 Dutch Drawing in the Eighteenth Century (elmer kolfin)
7 Dutch Printmaking in the Eighteenth Century: Abundance and Innovation (frans Laurentius)
8 The Portrait Collection (marrigje rikken)
9 From Top to Bottom and from Root to Crown: Plant and Animal Drawings (ingrid r. Vermeulen)
10 Reproductions of Art: Humbert de Superville’s Observations in the Leiden Print Room (jef schaeps)
11 David Humbert de Superville: A Passion for Drawing (edward grasman)
12 Humbert de Superville: Representing Theory (annemiek ouwerkerk)
13 Nineteenth-Century Dutch Drawings (karlijn de jong)
14 Dutch Drawings 1900-1950. The Collection of Albertus Welcker (jef schaeps)
15 Contemporary Drawings and Prints in Leiden
Chronological List of Publications by or about the Print Room
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Index of Artists’ Names
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For Study and Delight

Drawings and Prints from Leiden University

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"200 years have passed since the founding of the Leiden Print Room, incorporated today into Leiden University Libraries. In celebration of that long, rich history this wide-ranging publication presents a complete and varied exploration of the Leiden collections, starting with rare drawings from the early sixteenth century and ending with recent acquisitions. From Jan Gossart and Barend van Orley to Carel Visser and Emo Verkerk, this work encompasses the history of two centuries of collecting. In fifteen chapters experts in the graphic arts discuss sixteenth-century drawings, experimental etching techniques, portraits from five centuries and contemporary drawings and prints. Special attention is devoted to David Humbert de Superville, the first director of the Print Room and a brilliant draughtsman. Besides being the standard reference on the Leiden Print Room for years to come, the more than 300 full-page colour reproductions displaying highlights, rarities and unknown masterpieces make this book a pleasure to read as well as to regard."

Nelke Bartelings

Nelke Bartelings (1951) is Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts. She specializes in the history of prints and printmaking, in particular French and Italian prints of the 17th and 18th centuries.

E. Grasman

Edward Grasman (1953) works at Leiden University. He studied art history at Utrecht University and received his PhD .om Leiden University (1992) with a dissertation on the reception of Vasari’s Vite.

Elmer Kolfin

"Elmer Kol.fin (1969) is Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Amsterdam. He received his PhD .om Leiden University in 2002 with a dissertation on Dutch genre painting."

Jef Schaeps

"Jef Schaeps (1960) is curator of prints & drawings at Leiden University Libraries. He specializes in sixteenth-century drawings, prints and illustrated books."