The Making of the Asia Pacific
The Making of the Asia Pacific
Knowledge Brokers and the Politics of Representation
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The Making of the Asia Pacific - 2 Table of Contents - 8 List of Tables - 10 Acknowledgements - 12 1 Introduction: From ‘Pacific Asia’ to ‘Asia Pacific’ - 14 2 The Desire for Essence - 28 3 Knowledge Networks as Agents of Representation - 46 4 Representing the ‘Asia Pacific’ - 70 5 Representing Sovereign States - 112 6 Representing the ‘In/Human’ Faces of Asia Pacific Security - 136 7 Representing the ‘Authority’ of Knowledge Networks - 156 8 Conclusion: A Plea in Three Parts - 180 Notes - 188 Bibliography - 204 Index - 230

Reviews and Features

'This is an insightful work on a much under-studied aspect of Asia Pacific regionalism. By exposing and challenging conventional regional security narratives – and the knowledge networks from which they arise - Tan adds immeasurably to our understanding of how ideational power legitimises, normalises and buttresses a statist imaginery of the Asia Pacific.' -- Lorraine Elliott, Professor at the Department of International Relations, Australian National University

"Tan has made a valuable contribution by offering a different path towards understanding Asia-Pacific security, a path that can potentially open up new avenues for further thinking. Thive novelty is to be treasured.' -- Gerald Chan, University of Auckland, New Zealand

'The recent landmark book ... on Asia-Pacific regionalism has not only documented the upsurge in regional security narratives particularly since the post-Cold War period in the 1990s, but also compellingly shows how knowledge networking nodes were formed across the region during the same period that have made significant strategic interventions in the field of strategic studies.' -- Anup Kumar Das, Jawaharlal Nehru University

See Seng Tan

The Making of the Asia Pacific

Knowledge Brokers and the Politics of Representation

This illuminating volume critically surveys the power of narratives in shaping the discourse on the post-Cold War Asia Pacific. The author examines the purposes, practices, power relations and protagonists behind policy networks such as the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council.

See Seng Tan

See Seng Tan is associate professor and deputy director of the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies at the Nanayang Technological University in Singapore.