The Making of the Humanities, Volume III
The Making of the Humanities, Volume III
The Modern Humanities
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Part I. The Humanities and the Sciences; Part II. The Science of Language; Part III. Writing History; Part IV. Classical Studies and Philology; Part V. Literary and Theatre Studies; Part VI. Art History and Archaeology; Part VII. Musicology; Part VIII. East and West; Part IX. Information Science and Digital Humanities; Part X. Philosophy and the Humanities; Part XI. The Humanities and the Social Sciences; Part XII. The Humanities in Society.

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"Attention is fruitfully devoted to the emergence (...) of what are recognizably the modern academic disciplines of world literature, art history, music history, and linguistics, among others.(...) [An] excellent collection. . . . Highly recommended." - Choice Magazine

"The Making of the Humanities should be in every scholar’s library: beautifully and carefully produced and eschewing jargon, this volume is a lucid description of what the humanities have offered and our responsibility in taking them up." - Katherine Arens, Isis

The Making of the Humanities, Volume III

The Modern Humanities

This comprehensive history of the humanities focuses on the modern period (1850-2000). The contributors, including Floris Cohen, Lorraine Daston and Ingrid Rowland, survey the rise of the humanities in interaction with the natural and social sciences, offering new perspectives on the interaction between disciplines in Europe and Asia and new insights generated by digital humanities.

Rens Bod

Rens Bod is Vici-Laureate and Full Professor in Computational Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. Books: Beyond Grammar (CSLI/Cambridge University Press), Probabilistic Linguistics (MIT Press), Data-Oriented Parsing (University of Chicago Press), A New History of the Humanities (Oxford University Press).

Jaap Maat

Jaap Maat is Professor in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Books: Philosophical Languages in the Seventeenth Century: Dalgarno, Wilkins, Leibniz (Synthese Historical Library, Kluwer, 2004), George Dalgarno on Universal Language (Oxford University Press, 2001).

Thijs Weststeijn

Thijs Weststeijn is a researcher and lecturer at the department of Art History of the University of Amsterdam.