National Thought in Europe
National Thought in Europe
A Cultural History - 3rd Revised Edition
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List of Illustrations Foreword to the Third Edition Preface Introduction Source Traditions Wilderness, Exoticism and the State’s Order: Medieval Views The Renaissance and Democratic Primitivism Anthropology and the Nation: Character and Climate in the Seventeenth Century Politics and the Nation: Patriotism and Democracy in Enlightenment Thought The Nation Empowered: Popular Sovereignty and National Unity in the French Revolution Culture and the Nation: Literature, the Public Sphere and Anti-French Relativism The Politics of National Identity Napoleon and the Rise of Political Romanticism Napoleon and the Rise of National Historicism Restoration and the Nation-State Nationalism as State Centralism Nationalism as Unification Nationalism as Separatism Identity Rampant The Nation’s Sources, the State’s Borders: Culture into Geopolitics The Nationalization of Culture Ethnic Nationalism and Racism Versailles and after Aftermath and Conclusions: Twentieth-Century Issues Taming National Sovereignty: Transnationalism and Internationalism Postnationalism Neonationalism: After the Cold War Beyond the Nation-State? Appendices Languages, Alphabets, Dialects and Language Politics Source References Bibliography Index

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"Joep Leerssen has written a wide-ranging, lucid, concise and elegant essay that replaces the many European nationalisms in their cultural contexts. It should appeal to students and tell their teachers something new as well." Peter Burke, Emmanuel College, Cambridge University|"This book should be studied by all working in the field of nationalism. Leerssen is a scholar of the first rank, and I doubt if there is any serious scholar of nationalism who will fail to profit from this treasure house of erudition and reflection. The book is itself a delight to read." John Hutchinson, London School of Economics, in Nations and Nationalism

Joep Leerssen

National Thought in Europe

A Cultural History - 3rd Revised Edition

Bringing together sources from many countries and many centuries, this study critically analyses the growth of national thought and of nationalism — from medieval ethnic prejudice to the Romantic belief in a nation’s ‘soul’. The belief and ideology of the nation’s cultural individuality emerged from a Europe-wide exchange of ideas, often articulated in literature and belles lettres. In the last two centuries, these ideas have transformed the map of Europe and the relations between people and government. In tracing the modern European nation-state, cross-nationally and historically, as the outcome of a cultural self-invention, Leerssen also provides a surprising perspective on Europe’s contemporary identity politics.

National Thought in Europe has been brought up to date in this new, third edition.

Joep Leerssen

Joep Leerssen holds the Chair of Modern European Literature at the University of Amsterdam. He is the author of many authoritative studies on the relations between literature, historical consciousness and nationalism.

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