People under Power
People under Power
Early Jewish and Christian Responses to the Roman Empire
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Introduction: Christians, Jews, and Roman Power Part I: Jewish Communities in the Shadow of the Empire George Brooke The Kittim and Hybridity in the Dead Sea Scrolls Birgit van der Lans The Politics of Exclusion: Expulsions of Jews and Others from the Roman Community Nóra Dávid Memoria Iudati Patiri - New Directions in the Study of Jews in Roman Pannonia Part II: Contextualizing New Testament Texts with the Empire Anders Klostergaard Petersen Politics in Paul: Scholarly Phantom or Actual Textual Phenomenon? Martin Meiser Das Markusevangelium - eine ideologie- und imperiumskritische Schrift? Ein Blick in die Auslegungsgeschichte Klaus Scholtissek "Ein Beispiel habe ich euch gegeben?" (Joh 13,15): Die Diakonie Jesu und die Diakonie der Christen in der Fußwaschungserzählung des Johannesevangeliums Part III: Imperial Ideology and Other Early Christian Texts Mark R.C. Grundeken The Shepherd of Hermas and the Roman Empire Paul Middleton Noble Death or Death Cult? Pagan Criticism of Early Christian Martyrdom Marco Frenschkowski Nero Redivivus as a Subject of Early Christian Arcane Teaching

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"This work should be a welcome addition to the library of every scholar that works on early Christianity and first- and second-century Judaism."
- Christopher S. Crawford, Claremont School of Theology, Religious Studies Review, Vol. 45, No. 2, June 2019

Michael Labahn, Outi Lehtipuu (eds)

People under Power

Early Jewish and Christian Responses to the Roman Empire

This volume presents a batch of incisive new essays on the relationship between Roman imperial power and ideology and Christian and Jewish life and thought within the empire. Employing diverse methodologies that include historical criticism, rhetorical criticism, postcolonial criticism, and social historical studies, the contributors offer fresh perspectives on a question that is crucial for our understanding not only of the late Roman Empire, but also of the growth and change of Christianity and Judaism in the imperial period.

Michael Labahn

Michael Labahn is teachings as extraordinary professor at Martin-Luther University Halle. He is co-editor with Lehtipuu of the volume People under Power: Early Jewish and Christian Responses to the Roman Empire (AUP 2015).

Outi Lehtipuu

Outi Lehtipuu is an adjunct professor and Academy Research Fellow at the University of Helsinki.