Early Christianity in the Roman World
Amphitheatre in Tarragona, Spain
Geographical Scope
Ancient Mediterranean world / the Roman Empire and its surroundings
Chronological Scope
First five centuries CE
Editorial Board

Michael Labahn, Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Outi Lehtipuu, University of Helsinki
Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, VU University Amsterdam
Gert J. Steyn, University of Pretoria
Juan Hernández, Bethel University

Early Christianity, Judaism, Hellenism, ancient religion, Roman Empire

Early Christianity in the Roman World

This series offers a new forum for studies on the formation and development of Christian beliefs and practices in the first centuries of Common Era. The constitutive idea is to treat Early Christianity as a multivalent phenomenon, characterized by a fundamental diversity. The focus is on interchanges and interactions between various groups in the ancient Mediterranean world that had an impact on developing Christianity, including the interrelations between various Christian groups. The series wants to foster studies that seek to place the diverse manifestations of the Christian movement on the Hellenistic-Roman cultural and religious maps.