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Biography of an Industrial Landscape
Biography of an Industrial Landscape
Carlsberg's Urban Spaces Retold
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"Riesto's work on Carlsberg demonstrates a new way of approaching urban heritage: by evaluating the nuances and contestations within delineations of heritage through shifting the perspective. This is an uncommon way of approaching urban heritage and can serve as a model for future work in this field (...) (and) makes a significant contribution to our understanding of heritage from a landscape biography lens." - V. Camille Westmont, The University of the South, Sewanee, USA in JEL, Journal of European Landscapes "It is enjoyable to follow the carefully written and winding narrative, here and there, safely knowing that the author knows how it all comes together. This is a well-written and important book." The main message (...) is crucial for how the next chapters in the biographies about our changing industrial landscapes will develop." - Anna Storm, Stockholm University, Nordic Journal of Settlement and Built Heritage "The book forms a welcome contribution to scholarship that addresses transformations of the built environment, evaluating design and planning projects and their reception in relation to the current discussion on heritage values." - Klaske Havik and Willemijn Wilms Floet, Delft University of Technology, Kunsthistorisk Bogliste

Svava Riesto

Biography of an Industrial Landscape

Carlsberg's Urban Spaces Retold

Biography of an Industrial Landscape tells the story of one of the most significant urban redevelopment projects in northern Europe at the turn of the century. Examining the reinvention of the Carlsberg brewery site in Copenhagen as a city district, Svava Riesto unpacks the deeper assumptions about value that lie behind contemporary design, spatial planning and heritage practices. In particular, Riesto examines ways of valuing a vital yet seldom explicitly discussed feature of industrial landscapes: open space. Carlsberg's industrial open spaces were largely disregarded during the redevelopment, which was founded on canonical heritage thinking and ideas about urban space that were poorly equipped to include the characteristics of these spaces in the design's considerations. As a response, this account reappraises industrial open spaces. Drawing on Henri Lefebvre and biographical approaches to landscape research, the Carlsberg site's open spaces are presented anew as an interplay of materials, practices and the imagination - shaped and reshaped by water, yeast, industrial working routines and conflicting ideas about the future city.
€ 115,00
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Svava Riesto

Svava Riesto is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Theory and Historiography at the University of Copenhagen.