The Animal Rights Struggle
The Animal Rights Struggle
An Essay in Historical Sociology
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Chapter 1. A long and complex struggle The pioneering influence of the British model Equivocal, evolving and cumulative engagements Chapter 2. Noble gentleness, vile cruelty The sensibility of distinguished men The banning of repugnant spectacles Chapter 3. To act as an enlightened philosopher No sentimentality nor affectation From the point of view of self-interest properly understood Chapter 4. To enlighten the ignorant, to refine the barbarian A soft pedagogy to prevent the crime Discipline, reward and punish Assisting the authorities Chapter 5. «us », the animals and « them » Repulsive beasts. Distinctive national virtues The established, the challengers and the excluded Chapter 6. The rise in the power of tenderness Animality, equality, fraternity A source of affection or a private refuge? Imaginary bestiary and the cuddly toys of our childhood Chapter 7. (Animal) victims and social domination At the heart of the revolt against the strong Expose the torturers, come to the aid of victims. Emotions, counter-mobilisations, delegitimation. Chapter 8. A decreasingly « wild » nature From the exploitation of animals to their contemplation Technological ferocity, industrial slavery Bringing moral philosophy up to date. Conclusion Primary sources Bibliography A brief chronology

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"Well written and clearly argued, this book should appeal to all audiences" - N.B. Rosenthal, Choice Magazine

Christophe Traïni

The Animal Rights Struggle

An Essay in Historical Sociology

Since the early nineteenth century, numerous campaigns have denounced the mistreatment of animals. This book compares the British and French histories of the animal-protection movement to retrace its origins and impact up to the present day. As Christophe Traïni shows, the struggle for animal rights - inextricably linked to the rise of philanthropy and established long before the birth of the ecology movement - developed out of several important social and political processes, including changes in sensibilities and socially approved emotions, new definitions of what constitutes legitimate violence, and the influence of religious beliefs.

Originally published as La cause animale. Essai de sociologie historique (1820-1980), 2011 ©Presses Universitaires de France

Christophe Traïni

Christophe Traïni is professor of political science at the Institute of Political Science in Aix-en-Provence. His publications include La musique en colère (Paris: Presses de Sciences Po, 2008), La cause animale (Paris: PUF, 2011), and the edition of the reader Emotions ... mobilisation!(Paris: Presses de Sciences Po, 2009).