A Selection of the Poems of Sir Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687)
A Selection of the Poems of Sir Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687)
Revised, Second Edition
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Preface Textual Note Introduction 1. Doris, or the SHepher'ds Complaint 2. To Anna R. [oemers] 3. [From] Batava Tempe: That Is the Lime-avenue of The Hague 4. The Exiled Shepherd: To the Lord Daniel Heinsius, Knight, etc. 5. The Character of an Ambassador 6. Ship's Talk, on the Death of Prince Maurits 7. To the Lady Tesselschade Crombalch with My Translations from the English Poems of Dr Donne 8. To Barlaeus 9. On the Death of Tesselschade's Eldest Daughter, and on Her Husband Thereafter Bleeding to Death 10. The White Moon 11. The Mist Descending 12. The First Sone of the Marksmen's School in The Hague, Laid by Prince William of ORange, on the Day of Public Prayer, 2 December 1636 13. To Stella, My Dearest Wife, Now Dead 14. [From] The Day's Work: The Order of the House 15. In Her Snow-cold Arms 16. Prayer for the Holy Communion 17. The Lake 18. The Holy Communion 19. New Year 20. Good Friday 21. Pentecost 22. Christmas 23. Easter 24. To Tesselschafe 25. On the Roses of the Most Eminent Painter, Daniel Seegers 26. To Tesselschade, Departing 27. To Albert Durer in Hus Engraved Picture 28. On the Holy Communion 29. Again on the Holy Communion 30. [From] Hofwijk 31. Awakening 32. To the Lady Luchtenbergh, with My Poems Translated from the English of Donne 33. Again on Painting 34. On the Frontispiece of Korenbloemen 35. On the Grave of Jacob van Campen 36. The Vanity of Dreams 37. On an Engraved Glass 38. On My Birthday 39. Consolation of the Eyes, to the Lady of St Annaland 40. On the Holy Communion 41. Stillness and Snow after Storm and High Water 42. My Puppy's Epitaph Appendix I: A Selection of Huygen's Poems in Modern European Languages Appendix II: A Selection of Huygen's Writings in English Appendix III: Huygens and English Literature Appendix IV: Additional Poems on Painting Bibliography Index of Titles and First Lines

Adriaan van der Weel, Peter Davidson (eds)

A Selection of the Poems of Sir Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687)

Revised, Second Edition

Dutch Golden Age poet Constantijn Huygens (1596—1687) was a remarkable figure: in addition to writing poetry, he composed music; was secretary to two Princes of Orange, Frederick Henry and William II; and became a friend to John Donne, Rembrandt, Descartes, and many other notable people of his time. In this book, Peter Davidson and Adriaan van der Weel offer a broad selection of Huygens’s poems and provide excellent translations for those written in Dutch, Latin, and a number of other languages“revealing both Huygens’s literary talent and his remarkable linguistic range.

Adriaan van der Weel

Adriaan van der Weel is Bohn Professor of Modern Dutch Book History at the University of Leiden, the European editor of Digital Humanities Quarterly, and the author of Changing Our Textual Minds: Towards a Digital Order of Knowledge.

Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson is Professor in Renaissance Studies at the University of Aberdeen.