Christian Metz and the Codes of Cinema
Christian Metz and the Codes of Cinema
Film Semiology and Beyond
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Acknowledgments & Editorial Note Margrit Tröhler — Christian Metz and Film Semiology — Dynamics within and on the Edges of the ‘Model’: An Introduction I. Metz and the Tradition of Film Theory Raymond Bellour — Two Ways of Thinking Michel Marie — Christian Metz and His Theoretical Legacy Roger Odin — Christian Metz for Today Frank Kessler — Thinking Cinema: Christian Metz and/in the Tradition of Film Theory Guido Kirsten — Barthes’ Early Film Semiology and the Legacy of Filmology in Metz II. Questions of Form and Aesthetics Martin Lefebvre — Christian Metz and Aesthetics Francesco Casetti — Christian Metz and the Modern Cinema André Gaudreault & Philippe Gauthier — Christian Metz, Editing, and Forms of Alternation III. Specificities of the Cinematic Code and the Imaginary Philip Rosen — Between Classical and Postclassical Film Theory: Metz on Specificity Then and Now Selim Krichane — Cyber-Metz? The Notion of Code in the Writings of Christian Metz Marc Vernet — Yes, the Image Lies Beyond Analogy: Understanding Metz with Cartier-Bresson Mary Ann Doane — The Cinematic Signifier and the Imaginary D.N. Rodowick — Fetishism and Skepticism, or the Two Worlds of Christian Metz and Stanley Cavell IV. Narration, Enunciation, Cinephilia Anne Goliot-Lété — Cinema: Image or Narrative Dana Polan — Semiotics, Science, and Cinephilia: Christian Metz’s last book, L’énonciation impersonnelle Alain Boillat — ‘ŸTheorizeŒ, he says... ’: Christian Metz and the Question of Enunciation: A Theory in (Speech) Acts Dominique Bluher — Personal Enunciation: Presences of Absences Nico Baumbach — Metz With Deleuze: From Film-Philosophy to Film Theory and Back Again Two Interviews with Christian Metz Elena Dagrada — Thirty Years After Elena Dagrada & Guglielmo Pescatore — The Semiology of Cinema? It Is Necessary to Continue! A Conversation with Christian Metz Margrit Tröhler — Flashback to Winter 1990 Dominique Blüher & Margrit Tröhler — ‘I Never Expected Semiology to Thrill the Masses’: Interview with Christian Metz Postscript ‘Conclusion’ (handwritten note by Christian Metz) Summaries List of Contributors List of Translators

Reviews and Features

"This book offers an extensive, encompassing reflection and analysis of Metz’s oeuvre in English [...] The complexity and thematic variety of contributions grants this book the potential of becoming core reading both for film students and film theorists."
- Marija Weste, Linkoping University, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Vol. 39, No. 3, 2019

"The book is conceived both as an homage and as a contribution to current film and media theoretical debates. [=] The readers are offered a material-rich and detailed discussion of Metz including documents from his archived inheritance. The book indicates links and possibilities of application of his reflections to contemporary audiovisual productions of meaning and it offers readers not yet familiar with Metz an introduction to his thinking on a high theoretical and analytical level."
- Philipp Blum (Zürich), MEDIENwissenschaft 03/2019

Margrit Tröhler, Guido Kirsten (eds)

Christian Metz and the Codes of Cinema

Film Semiology and Beyond

A pioneering figure in film studies, Christian Metz proposed countless new concepts for reflecting on cinema, rooted in his phenomenological structuralism. He also played a key role in establishing film studies as a scholarly discipline, making major contributions to its institutionalisation in universities worldwide. This book brings together a stellar roster of contributors to present a close analysis of Metz's writings, their theoretical and epistemological positions, and their ongoing influence today.

Margrit Tröhler

Margrit Tröhler is a professor in the Department of Film Studies at the University of Zurich.

Guido Kirsten

Guido Kirsten is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University.