Imagined Communities on the Baltic Rim, from the Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries
Imagined Communities on the Baltic Rim, from the Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries
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Editors' Preface List of Maps and Figures Wojtek Jezierski Introduction: Imagined Communities on the Baltic Rim, From the Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries Visions of Community Thomas Foerster Imagining the Baltic: Mental Mapping in the Works of Adam of Bremen and Saxo Grammaticus, Eleventh - Thirteenth Centuries Lars Hermanson Discourses of Communion: Abbot William of Æbelholt and Saxo Grammaticus: Imagining the Christian Danish Community, Early Thirteenth Century Margaretha Nordquist Envisioning a Political Community: Peasants and Swedish Men in Vernacular Rhyme Chronicles, Late Fifteenth Century Cultic & Missionary Communities Grzegorz Pac Communities of Devotion across the Boundaries: Women and Religious Bonds on the Baltic Rim and in Central-Eastern Europe, Eleventh - Twelfth Centuries Wojtek Jezierski Risk Societies on the Frontier: Missionary Emotional Communities in the Southern Baltic, Eleventh - Thirteenth Centuries Linda Kaljundi Expanding Communities: Henry of Livonia on the Making of a Christian Colony, Early Thirteenth Century Tuomas Heikkilä An Imaginary Saint for an Imagined Community: St Henry and the Creation of Christian Identity in Finland, Thirteenth - Fifteenth Centuries Legal & Urban Communities Thomas Lindkvist The Making of Legal Communities: Royal, Aristocratic, and Local Visions in Sweden and Gotland, Thirteenth - Fourteenth Centuries Pavel V. Lukin Urban Community and Consensus: Brotherhood and Communalism in Medieval Novgorod Cordelia Heß Urban Community and Social Unrest: Semantics of Conflict in Fourteenth-Century Lübeck The Baltic Rim: A View From Afar Bjørn Bandlien Norway, Sweden, and Novgorod: Scandinavian Perceptions of the Russians, Late Twelfth - Early Fourteenth Centuries Hans Jacob Orning Transient Borders: The Baltic Viewed from Northern Iceland in the Mid-Fifteenth Century Barbara H. Rosenwein Afterword: Imagined Emotions for Imagined Communities General Index

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"Communities in the medieval north: imagined, mapped, constructed, perceived. Fresh looks on old sources, a methodological milestone. But also a book with amazing stories and inciting examples - in short, a good read." Kurt Villads Jensen, Centre for Medieval Studies, Stockholm University

Wojtek Jezierski, Lars Hermanson (eds)

Imagined Communities on the Baltic Rim, from the Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries

Prior to the high Middle Ages, the Baltic Rim was largely terra incognita-but by the late Middle Ages, it was home to diverse small and large communities. But the Baltic Rim was not simply the place those people lived-it was also an imagined space through which they defined themselves and their identities. This book traces the transformation of the Baltic Rim in this period through a focus on the self-image of a number of communities: urban and regional, cultic, missionary, legal, and political. Contributors look at the ways these communities defined themselves in relationship to other groups, how they constructed their identities and customs, and what held them together or tore them apart.

Wojtek Jezierski

Wojtek Jezierski works as a postdoc in medieval history at the Department of Historical Studies, Gothenburg University. He holds an MA in history from Warsaw University (2003) where he also studied social anthropology.

Lars Hermanson

Lars Hermanson is a professor at the Department of Historical Studies at Gothenburg University.