The Roots of Nationalism
The Roots of Nationalism
National Identity Formation in Early Modern Europe, 1600-1815
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Introduction - Lotte Jensen PART ONE: THE MODERNIST PARADIGM CONTESTED 1. Premodern Nations, National Identities, National Sentiments and National Solidarity - Azar Gat 2. Vanishing Primordialism: Literature, History and the Public - Andrew Hadfield 3. Revolutionary France and the Origins of Nationalism: An Old Problem Revisited - David A. Bell PART TWO: THE GENEALOGY OF NATIONAL IDENTITY 4. The Chronicler’s Background Historical Discourse and National Identity in Early Modern Spain - Cesc Esteve 5. Arngrímur Jónsson and the Mapping of Iceland - Kim P. Middel 6. The Low Countries: Constitution, Nationhood and Character according to Hugo Grotius - Jan Waszink 7. A Russia Born of War - Gregory Carleton 8. Exiled Trojans or the Sons of Gomer: Wales’s Origins in the long Eighteenth Century - Adam Coward PART THREE: NEGATIVE MIRROR IMAGING 9. Defining the Nation, Defending the Nation: the Spanish Apologetic Discourse during the Twelve Years’ Truce (1609-1621) - Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez 10. Negative Mirror Images in Anglo-Dutch Relations, 1650-1674 - Gijs Rommelse 11. Comparing Ruins: National Trauma in Dutch Travel Accounts of the Seventeenth Century - Alan Moss PART FOUR: MAPS, LANGUAGE AND CANONISATION 12.The Roots of Modern Hungarian Nationalism: A Case Study and a Research Agenda - László Marácz 13. Preserving the Past and Constructing a Canon: Defining National Taste and Tradition in an Eighteenth-Century Cabinet of Literary Curiosities - Lieke van Deinsen 14. Emergent Nationalism in European Maps of the Eighteenth Century - Michael Wintle PART FIVE: NATION IN THE AGE OF REVOLUTION 15. ‘Qu’allons-nous devenir?’: Belgian National Identity in the Age of Revolution - Jane Judge 16. Singing the Nation: Protest Songs and National Thought in the Netherlands during the Napoleonic Annexation (1810-1813) - Bart Verheijen LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS INDEX

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"All of the chapters of this welcomed volume are worthwhile and crisply written, deserving the attention not only of those who are interested in nations and nationalism, but also those preoccupied with the relation between tradition, continuity, and change." - Steven Grosby, Clemson University, Renaissance Quarterly Volume LXX, No. 3

Lotte Jensen (ed.)

The Roots of Nationalism

National Identity Formation in Early Modern Europe, 1600-1815

This collection brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to offer perspectives on national identity formation in various European contexts between 1600 and 1815. Contributors challenge the dichotomy between modernists and traditionalists in nationalism studies through an emphasis on continuity rather than ruptures in the shaping of European nations in the period, while also offering an overview of current debates in the field and case studies on a number of topics, including literature, historiography, and cartography.

Lotte Jensen

Lotte Jensen is Professor of Dutch Cultural and Literary History at Radboud University, Nijmegen and Principal Investigator of the NWO-funded Vici project Dealing with Disasters. The Shaping of Local and National Identities in the Netherlands (1421-1890), which investigates the impact of natural disasters on Dutch local and national identities from a cultural-historical perspective. She has published books on Napoleon’s legacy in the Netherlands, Dutch literary history and the emergence of Dutch identity. Her most recent book is a cultural history of Dutch floods: Wij en het water. Een Nederlandse geschiedenis (De Bezige Bij 2022).