Secular Power and Sacral Authority in Medieval East-Central Europe
Secular Power and Sacral Authority in Medieval East-Central Europe
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List of illustrations List of contributors Acknowledgements Foreword Kosana Jovanovic — Suzana Miljan Folklore of Medieval Kings of Hungary. Preliminary Research Report János M. Bak Variations on Nobility in Central and South-Eastern Europe. An Introduction Katalin Szende — Ivan Jurkovic The Changes of Office of Ban of Slavonia after the Mongol Invasion in Hungary (1242-1267) Judit Gál The Reconstruction and Role of Roads in the Formation of a Medieval Cultural Landscape. The Example of Episcopal Estates of Dubrava, Ivanic and Cazma Maja Cepetic Rogic From Castle-Warrior to Nobleman. Case Study of a Family of Slavonian Lesser Nobility Éva B. Halász Late Medieval Village in Turopolje (Slavonia). The Example of Donja Lomnica Nikolina Antonic Economic Development and Transformation of the Pauline Monasteries near Senj under the Frankapan Patronage Kristian Bertovic The Society of the Noble Judges in Northeastern Hungary during the Reign of King Sigismund (1387-1437) István Kádas Development of Ragusan Diplomatic Service in the First Half of the Fifteenth Century. Father and Son at the Court of Duke Sandalj Hranic Valentina Zovko Croatian Students at the University of Prague in the Fifteenth Century Silvie Vancurová A Contribution to Medieval Croatian Diplomatics — Cyrillic Charters of Croatian Nobility from the Franciscan Monastery on Trsat in Rijeka Neven Isailovic Peter of Crkvica, a Man Who Could Be Trusted: The Career of a Middle-Ranking Cleric and Diplomat in the Kingdom of Hungary in Mid-Fifteenth Century Tomislav Matic The Nobility of the Despotate of Serbia between Ottoman Empire and Hungary (1457-1459) Milo¿ Ivanovic Index

Kosana Jovanovic, Suzana Miljan (eds)

Secular Power and Sacral Authority in Medieval East-Central Europe

This book brings together a team of scholars representing a broad range of interests and new approaches in medieval studies to explore the interactions of secular power and sacral authority in central and southeastern Europe in the period. Contributors present new research on the region's political and legal history, nobility and government institutions, war and diplomacy, literature and literacy, sacred and secular art, archaeological research, heritage studies, and much more.

Kosana Jovanovic

Kosana Jovanovic lectures medieval history at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia.

Suzana Miljan

Dr. Miljan Suzana, Department of Historical Research of IHSS of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Zagreb, Croatia.