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'In 1922 Élie Faure defined the screen as a simple "material accessory". This book reverses that dismissal, devoting to the screen the attention that it deserves. Thanks to a philosophical, historical and phenomenological exploration, it casts new light on what cinema was and is, and on the multifaceted terrain in which it operates' - Prof. dr. Francesco Casetti, Yale University

'Everything you wanted to know about screens, you will find in Chateau and Moure's thorough and extensive anthology, which counts on the research of a broad collection of international experts. Examining the screen from every direction, in the midst of traditional boundaries falling apart, the volume offers a unique, scholarly perspective that takes the materiality of media (and screens) into account. Well seized, considering these questions are now at the forefront of research within our academic community!' - Prof. dr. André Gaudreault, Canada Research Chair in Cinema and Media Studies, Université de Montréal.

Dominique Chateau, José Moure (eds)


We live in an era of screens. No longer just the place where we view movies, or watch TV at night, screens are now ubiquitous, the source of the majority of information we consume daily, and a crucial component of our basic interactions with colleagues, friends, and family. This transformation has happened almost without us realizing it-and certainly without the full theoretical and intellectual analysis it deserves.
Screens brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines to analyse the growing presence and place of screens in our lives today. They tackle such topics as the archaeology of screens, film and media theories about our interactions with them, their use in contemporary art, and the new avenues they open up for showing films and other media in non-traditional venues.
€ 40,95
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Dominique Chateau

Dominique Chateau is Emeritus Professor of Aesthetics and Cinema at the Sorbonne School of the Arts at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris I.

José Moure

José Moure is Professor of Cinema Studies in the Sorbonne School of the Arts at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris I. He is director of the Research Institute ACTE.