The Cultural Life of James Bond
The Cultural Life of James Bond
Specters of 007
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Introduction: Specters of 007, Jaap Verheul
Part I Beyond Britain: The Transnational Configuration of the James Bond Phenomenon
1 The Forgotten Bond: The CBS Production of Casino Royale (1954), James Chapman
2 A Socialist 007: East European Spy Dramas in the Early James Bond Era, Mikolaj Kunicki
3 From Indianization to Globalization: Tracking Bond in Bollywood, Ajay Gehlawat
4 The Dead Are Alive: The Exotic Non-Place of the Bondian Runaway Production, Melis Behlil, Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado, and Jaap Verheul
5 Bond Rebooted: The Transnational Appeal of the Daniel Craig James Bond Films, Andrew Higson and Huw D Jones
Part II Beyond the Hero: The Cultural Politics of 007
6 Paradoxical Masculinity: James Bond, Icon of Failure, Toby Miller
7 Femininity, Seriality, and Collectivity: Rethinking the Bond Girl, Moya Luckett
8 Market Forces: James Bond, Women of Color, and the Eastern Bazaar, Lorrie Palmer
9 Shaken, Not Stirred Britishness: James Bond, Race, and the Transnational Imaginary, Anna Everett
10 Global Agency between Bond and Bourne: Skyfall and James Bond in Comparison to the Jason Bourne Film Series, Seung-hoon Jeong
Part III Beyond the Films: The Transmediality of the James Bond Franchise
11 James Bond and Art Cinema, Christopher Holliday
12 Branding 007: Title Sequences in the James Bond Films, Jan-Christopher Horak
13 Unlike Men, The Diamonds Linger: Bassey and Bond Beyond the Theme Song, Meenasarani Linde Murugan
14 Skyfall and Global Casino Culture, Joyce Goggin
15 Three Dimensions of Bond: Adaptive Fidelity and Fictional Coherence in the Videogame Adaptations of GoldenEye, Ian Bryce Jones and Chris Carloy

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BAFTSS Cultural Life of James Bond

Winner of the 2022 Best Edited Collection British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) Award!

"In der Gesamtschau sind es vor allem zwei Aspekte, die die hohe Qualität des Bandes ausmachen: Erstens ist die insgesamt sehr gute Abstimmung und Editierung der Beiträge durch einen Herausgeber zu erwähnen, der ein Kenner der televisuellen und filmischen Aspekte des Themas ist. Zweitens besticht im Gesamteindruck die ausnahmslos sehr hohe wissenschaftliche Qualität der Einzelstudien."
- Nicole Falkenhayner, H-Soz-Kult, September 2021

"The Cultural Life of James Bond's unique array of viewpoints should serve as an inspiration for scholars in the field, while simultaneously offering future researchers a number of alternative angles through which Bond can be interpreted."
- James Shelton, International Journal of James Bond Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2021

"This new collection gathers together high-quality, well-researched and cogently written chapters, and includes plenty of fresh approaches and new insights from a range of scholars working in complementary fields. [...] Pleasingly arranged and critically astute, the book offers some fascinating new perspectives that extend Bond scholarship. Every ‘Bondologist’ should own a copy."
- Llewella Chapman, Journal of British Cinema and Television, Volume 18, Issue 2, April 2021

"One of the permanent gains we owe to "new Bond studies" is the notion that James Bond is far more mobile a signifier than previous generations of critics imagined. The Cultural Life of James Bond makes an invaluable contribution to this widened view of 007. Situating the films in a range of new contexts, this trove of essays uncovers previously ignored and even unexpected connections between Bond and such phenomena as black casting and performance, postfeminism, modernism, transnational geographies and taste cultures, and the development of film, television, video game, and music industries across the globe. This book doesn’t just remind us that Bond matters. It reminds us that Bond scholarship matters." - Colin Burnett, Washington University in St. Louis, author of The Invention of Robert Bresson: The Auteur and His Market (2017)

"This book brings together a supremely talented group of scholars to interrogate 007 in new and innovative ways. The result is a fresh and timely re-examination of the James Bond phenomenon's complicated relationship with popular culture, global media, and transnational geopolitics. The Cultural Life of James Bond is a must-read for 007 scholars and fans alike." - Christoph Lindner, University College London, editor of The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader (2009)

Jaap Verheul (ed.)

The Cultural Life of James Bond

Specters of 007

The release of No Time To Die in 2021 heralds the arrival of the twenty-fifth installment in the James Bond film series. Since the release of Dr. No in 1962, the cinematic James Bond has expedited the transformation of Ian Fleming's literary creation into an icon of western popular culture that has captivated audiences across the globe by transcending barriers of ideology, nation, empire, gender, race, ethnicity, and generation. The Cultural Life of James Bond: Specters of 007 untangles the seemingly perpetual allure of the Bond phenomenon by looking at the non-canonical texts and contexts that encompass the cultural life of James Bond. Chronicling the evolution of the British secret agent over half a century of political, social, and cultural permutations, the fifteen chapters examine the Bond-brand beyond the film series and across media platforms while understanding these ancillary texts and contexts as sites of negotiation with the Eon franchise.

Jaap Verheul

is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Film Studies at the University of Southampton, where his research focuses on the regulation of transnational flows of cultural production in European media industries.