Syntax of Hungarian
Syntax of Hungarian
Nouns and Noun Phrases, Volume 1
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General Introduction (István Kenesei) 1. The series 2. Previous research into the grammar of Hungarian 3. The project 4. The language 5. Acknowledgments 6. References Introduction to Nouns and Noun Phrases, Volumes I and II (Gábor Alberti and Tibor Laczkó) Chapter 1 Nouns: characterization and classification Introduction 1.1. Characterization (Judit Farkas and Gábor Alberti) 1.2. Classification (Veronika Szabó 1.3. Derivation of nouns (Gábor Alberti and Judit Farkas) 1.4. Compounding (Veronika Szabó and Bálint Tóth) 1.5. Bibliographical notes (Gábor Alberti, Judit Farkas, Veronika Szabó, and Bálint Tóth) Chapter 2 Nouns: internal syntax Introduction: Noun phrase layers (Gábor Alberti) 2.1. Complementation (Judit Farkas and Gábor Alberti) 2.2. Modification (Gábor Alberti and Judit Farkas) 2.3. Appositive constructions (Bernadett Szoke) 2.4. Classifiers (Veronika Szabó and Bálint Tóth) 2.5. Articles and demonstratives (Judit Kleiber, Veronika Szabó and Anita Viszket) 2.6. Numerals and quantifiers (Éva Dékány and Anikó Csirmaz) 2.7. Bibliographical notes (Gábor Alberti, Anikó Csirmaz, Éva Dékány, Judit Farkas, Judit Kleiber, Veronika Szabó, Bernadett Szoke, Bálint Tóth and Anita Viszket) Chapter 3 Nouns: external syntax (Veronika Szabó and Bálint Tóth) Introduction 3.1. Syntactic functions of noun phrases 3.2. Syntactic positions of noun phrases 3.3. Bibliographical notes Chapter 4 Pronouns (György Rákosi) 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Personal pronouns 4.3. Anaphors 4.4. Bibliographical notes Subject index References

Gábor Alberti, Tibor Láczko (eds)

Syntax of Hungarian

Nouns and Noun Phrases, Volume 1

These books aim to present a synthesis of the currently available syntactic knowledge of the Hungarian language, rooted in theory but providing highly detailed descriptions, and intended to be of use to researchers, as well as advanced students of language and linguistics. As research in language leads to extensive changes in our understanding and representations of grammar, the Comprehensive Grammar Resources series intends to present the most current understanding of grammar and syntax as completely as possible in a way that will both speak to modern linguists and serve as a resource for the non-specialist.

Gábor Alberti

Gábor Alberti (DSc) is a professor at the University of Pécs, where he is head of the Department of Linguistics, and the Theoretical, Computer and Cognitive Linguistics Research Group called ReALIS. He was also the head of the Pécs Doctoral School of Linguistics for 5 years. Besides generative linguistics, he has specialized in lexical semantics and logic based formal pragmasemantic approaches.

Tibor Láczko

Tibor Laczkó is Associate Professor and Chair at the Department of English Linguistics, and Director of the Institute of English and American Studies at the University of Debrecen.