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Silicon Valley: Planet Startup
Silicon Valley: Planet Startup
Disruptive Innovation, Passionate Entrepreneurship & High-tech Startups
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"So much has been said about Silicon Valley's mystique and success. But this book nails it!" - Vish Mishra, VC at Clearstone

Peter Ester, Arne Maas

Silicon Valley: Planet Startup

Disruptive Innovation, Passionate Entrepreneurship & High-tech Startups

For decades now, Silicon Valley has been the home of the future. It's the birthplace of the world's most successful high-tech companies-including Apple, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. So what's the secret? What is it about Silicon Valley that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation? With Silicon Valley, Planet Startup, Peter Ester and Arne Maas argue that the answer lies in Silicon Valley's culture-a corporate culture that values risk-taking, creativity, invention, and sharing. Through extensive interviews with Dutch entrepreneurs working in the area, Ester and Maas show that Silicon Valley is above all a mind-set: a belief in thinking, with passion and ambition, far beyond the here and now. Scholars and business people and budding entrepreneurs alike are sure to find both inspiration and illumination in the stories and analyses Ester and Maas have assembled here.
€ 34,95
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Peter Ester

Peter Ester is Professor of Human Capital & Entrepreneurship at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.

Arne Maas

Arne Maas is Professor of Marketing at Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam University, the Netherlands.