The Franciscan Order in the Medieval English Province and Beyond
The Franciscan Order in the Medieval English Province and Beyond
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Table of Contents List of Illustrations Preface I. John Moorman and his Franciscan Studies 1. John Moorman, a Franciscan historian, by Michael Robson 2. Catching the Franciscan spirit: John Moorman and St Francis in his student days, by Petà Dunstan II. The Order of Friars Minor in England 3. Images of Franciscans and Dominicans in a manuscript of Alexander Nequam's Florilegium (Cambridge University Library, MS Gg.6.42), by Patrick Zutshi 4. A biographical register of the English province of the Greyfriars: a sample drawn from the custody of York, by Michael Robson 5. The Economic Foundations of the Franciscan custody of Cambridge, by Jens Röhrkasten 6. The Franciscans and their Graves in Medieval London, by Christian Steer 7. Late Medieval Franciscan Preaching in England, by Bert Roest III. The Friars and the Schools 8. Adam Marsh at Oxford, by C.H.Lawrence 9. The theological use of science at the Oxford Franciscan School: Thomas Docking, Roger Bacon and Robert Grosseteste's works, by Cecilia Panti 10. English Franciscans and their influence on the early history of the order, by Neslihan Senocak 11. Who destroyed Assisi ? The Lament of Jacopone da Todi, by Michael Cusato, OFM 12. The Paradox of Franciscan Use of Canon Law in the Fourteenth-Century Poverty Disputes, by Joseph Canning Appendix The Moorman Letters in the Archive of the Collegio San Bonaventura (Quaracchi/Grottaferrata/Rome), by William Short, OFM

Reviews and Features

"This volume makes a great addition to a number of recent publications dedicated to the history of the Franciscan order. [...] The quality of this volume [...] would surely have pleased the man it aims to honour [historian John Moorman (d. 1989)], as would the continued interest in the order to which he dedicated his life's work."
- Anne-Julie Lafaye, Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies (2020)

"This collection undeniably displays historical rigour and a wealth of source material, with its in-depth investigation into the realities of individual friars and friaries. [...] The depth and rigour of its individual analyses make this collection a useful addition to the bookshelves of any scholar of the medieval Church, and of the Franciscans in particular."
- Anik Laferrière, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 70 (2019)

"Anyone looking for an insight into the world of the Franciscans in England until the beginning of the Reformation will find in this book a comprehensive and valuable overview." - Paul Zahner,, 2019 (translated from the German)

Michael Robson, Patrick Zutshi (eds)

The Franciscan Order in the Medieval English Province and Beyond

Commemorating John Moorman's immense contribution to Franciscan history across five decades, the essays in this collection reflect upon Moorman's diverse writings on biography, hagiography, history, art, and prosopography. Contributors draw upon Moorman's diaries and his materials for a biographical register of the Franciscans in medieval England. The volume is in tune with recent developments in Franciscan history in general, with a special interest in the English province. This is exemplified by studies on Franciscan iconography; the English province's impact of the wider order; the scholastic enterprise; prosopography; economy; sermons; the application of Canon Law to the debates at the papal court; and the evolution of John Moorman's studies on St Francis and his followers.

Michael Robson

Michael Robson is a Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

Patrick Zutshi

Patrick Zutshi is a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.