Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342)
Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342)
The Guardian of Orthodoxy
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Contributors Introduction. Benedict XII, The Guardian of Orthodoxy Irene Bueno. 1. Jacques Fournier and Thirteenth?Century Inquisitorial Methods Elizabeth Sherman 2. Recovering a Theological Advice by Jacques Fournier Sylvain Piron 3. Benedict XII and the Beatific Vision Christian Trottmann 4. A New Seat for the Papacy: Benedict XII, Avignon and the Comtat Venaissin Valérie Theis 5. In the Footsteps of St Peter: New Light on the Half-length Images of Benedict XII by Paolo da Siena and Boniface VIII by Arnolfo di Cambio in Old St Peter's Claudia Bolgia 6. Benedict XII and Italy. Restoring and Consolidating Papal Sovereignty after John XXII Sylvain Parent 7. Benedict XII and the Outbreak of the Hundred Years' War Barbara Bombi 8. Benedict XII and the Crusades Mike Carr 9. Benedict XII and the partes Orientis Irene Bueno

Reviews and Features

"*Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342). The Guardian of Orthodoxy* is an excellent piece of scholarship and a most welcome addition to the literature on the Avignon papacy. Bueno and her collaborators are to be commended, not only for rescuing Benedict from the relative obscurity in which he has languished for so long, but also for reconsidering his entire pontificate and its legacy in light of new directions in scholarship." - Blake R. Beattie, *sehepunkte.de*, 2019

"[...] Irene Bueno has put together an edited volume that contributes much to the study of the Late Medieval Papacy and of Benedict XII himself. These chapters form a refreshing reexamination of the pontiff and his activities and should reinvigorate scholarly attention to this often-overlooked pope."
- Joshua P. Hevert, Church History, Vol. 91, Iss. 3

Irene Bueno (ed.)

Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342)

The Guardian of Orthodoxy

This book offers a unique overview on the career and work on Benedict XII, the third pope of Avignon. Benedict XII (ca. 1334-1342) was a key figure of the Avignon papal court, renowned for rooting out heretics and distinguishing himself as a refined theologian. During his reign, he faced the most significant religious and political challenges in the era of the Avignon papacy: theological quarrels, divisions and schisms within the Church, conflicts between European sovereigns, and the growth of Turkish power in the East. In spite of its diminished political influence, the papacy, which had recently moved to France, emerged as an institution committed to the defense and expansion of the Catholic faith in Europe and the East. Benedict made significant contributions to the definition of doctrine, the assessment of pontifical power in Western Europe, and the expansion of Catholicism in the East: in all these different contexts he distinguished himself as a true guardian of orthodoxy.

Irene Bueno

Irene Bueno is Lecturer at the University of Bologna. She is author of Defining Heresy and editor of The Papacy and the Christian East.