Managing Authentic Relationships
Managing Authentic Relationships
Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context
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Foreword by Franck Erkens Preface by Jean Paul Wijers Introduction by Prof René Foqué Authentic Relationships How do you want to be seen? by Paul Mosterd, Deputy Director Hermitage Amsterdam 1. The Importance of Networks and Relationships 2. The Importance of Protocol in Networks The future of protocol; how new rituals might modernize protocol in our highly individualized age by Paul Spies, Director of Stadtmuseum Berlin Protocol is an executor of the Strategic Relationship Management by Tom Verbelen, Director Municipality of Antwerp 3. Developing a Networking Vision Managing Relationships Upward mobility By Paul Mosterd, Deputy Director Hermitage Amsterdam 4. Relationship Management Strategy 5. Relationship Echelons and Stakeholder Management 6. Developing a Relationship Management Plan Public Sector Strategic Relationship Management - The Municipality of Antwerp's story of facilitating benefits for the community by Tom Verbelen, Director Municipality of Antwerp 7. Relationship Management Capabilities 8. Assessing the Return-on-Relationship 9. Relationship Performance Management Making Relationship Marketing More Valuable By Marike Dragt, Head of Relationship Marketing at ing Wholesale Banking 10. The Responsibility for the Strategic Relationship Management 11. Implementing a Relationship Management Strategy: Implementing Change How a Refugee Organization Professionalized its Relationship Management By Boukje de Haan, Head of Communication and Fundraising, Foundation for Refugee Students uaf Successful Encounters LinkedIn or Facebook? By Paul Mosterd, Deputy Director Hermitage Amsterdam 12. Supporting the Networkers: Creating the Networking Tool Kit 13. Networking Events or Meetings The authors The Institute of Strategic Relationship Management The postgraduate program Strategic Relationship Management Glossary Index Thank you Colophon

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"This book on Strategic Relationship Management is mandatory literature for all who want to constructively build a world based on sustainable mutual benefits, where commerce blossoms and peace prevails." - Dick Berlijn, former Commander in Chief of the Dutch Armed Forces "This valuable book is about the lost art of personal attention; Very important in building networks and relationships!" - Alexandra Messervy, Founder and Chief Executive of The English Manner, formerly of the Royal Household of HM the Queen "As personal relationships become more important in our accelerating and digitizing world, it is a huge benefit to finally have a book that defines relationship management as a true and required profession in any organization." — Janine Dijkmeijer, CEO of Nederlands Dans Theater

Jean Paul Wijers (ed.)

Managing Authentic Relationships

Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context

In an increasingly connected world, Strategic Relationship Management is a vital capability for successful organizations. The book Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context focuses on building and managing a strong network and reciprocal relationships for the entire organization by implementing a professional relationship management approach at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Professional relationship management makes valuable and measurable contributions to the strategic goals of an organization by: Expanding the organization's strategy to a Relationship Management Strategy; Efficiently managing relationships and correctly mapping stakeholders; Embedding clear responsibility for relationship management throughout the organization; Measuring results and calculating the Return-on-Relationship; Developing strong networking skills and networkers who are able to act as eyes and ears for the organization; Organizing effective networking activities with measurable results.

This book also offers a holistic view. Managing authentic relationships requires a shared understanding of what relationships are. It is impossible to develop successful relationship management without authentic relationships based on trust and reciprocity.

Jean Paul Wijers

Jean Paul Wijers is the Executive Director of Protocolbureau and the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management. In 1996 he graduated from Hotelschool The Hague, one year after founding Protocolbureau. Between 2001 and 2009 Jean Paul worked for the Dutch Royal Household as Head Usher at Royal Weddings and State Funerals. He is one of the authors of Managing Authentic Relationships: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context (Amsterdam University Press, 2019), a book about strategic relationship management. Jean Paul Wijers is a soughtafter relationship management expert, regularly called upon to support the development of a new relationship management. He teaches at the Hotelschool The Hague university and at Georgetown University in Qatar.