Chinese Environmental Contention
Chinese Environmental Contention
Linking Up against Waste Incineration
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List of Tables and Figures List of Abbreviations Preface CHAPTER 1: An Emerging Network in China's Green Sphere - Towards an Environmental Movement? Introduction Networked Contention: Horizontal and Vertical Linkages and the Diffusion of Contention Methods and Data CHAPTER 2: A Burning Issue - Waste Incineration in China A "Golden Age" of Chinese Waste Incineration: Policies and Economic Incentives Critical Voices: The Chinese "No Burn" Community A Wave of Local Resistance: Local Community Contention against Waste Incinerators CHAPTER 3: Learning between Homeowners - The Urban Case of Beijing Asuwei Setting the Stage: Waste Incineration and "Homeowner" Resistance in Beijing For the Broader Public Good: The Case of Beijing Asuwei Analysis: The Role of Horizontal and Vertical Linkages in the Asuwei Campaign CHAPTER 4: Making the Most of External Linkages - The Rural Case of Panguanying Village With a Little Help from their Friends: The Case of Panguanying Village Analysis: The Role of Horizontal and Vertical Linkages for the Panguanying Villagers CHAPTER 5: The Limitations of Linkages - The Peri-Urban Case of Beijing's Dagong Village "Resistance is Futile": The Case of Dagong Village Analysis: The Role of Horizontal and Vertical Linkages in the Dagong Struggle CHAPTER 6: Conclusion - Networked Contention: No Longer Fragmented, Not Yet a Movement Environmental Actors Linking Up: Implications for Local Anti-Incineration Contention in China Beyond Localized Struggles: Networked Contention and the Prospects of a Broader Movement Beyond Waste Incineration: Linking Up as Broader Trend in Chinese Environmental Contention Beyond China: Networked Contention, Linkages and Diffusion in a Restrictive Political Setting Appendices Appendix I: List of Interviews Appendix II: List of Cited Documents Appendix III: Basic Information on Collected Cases Appendix IV: Brief Description of Sample and Central Background Cases Appendix V: Case Protocol Template References Index

Maria Bondes

Chinese Environmental Contention

Linking Up against Waste Incineration

A plethora of new actors has in recent years entered China’s environmental arena. In Western countries, the linkages and diffusion processes between such actors often drive environmental movements. Through a study of Chinese anti-incineration contention, Chinese Environmental Contention: Linking Up against Waste Incineration investigates how the different contentious actors in China’s green sphere link up, and what this means for environmental contention. It addresses questions such as: What lies behind the notable increase of environmental protests in China? And what are the potentials for the emergence of an environmental movement? The book shows that a complex network of ties has emerged in China’s environmental realm under Hu Jintao. Affected communities across the country have connected with each other and with national-level environmentalists, experts and lawyers. Such networked contention fosters both local campaigns and national-level policy advocacy. Beyond China, the detailed case studies shed light on the dynamics behind the diffusion of contention under restrictive political conditions.

Maria Bondes

Maria Bondes is an associate research fellow at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) Institute of Asian Studies in Hamburg, Germany. Her research centers on social activism in China with a focus on environmental contention.