Environment and Society in Asia
Series editors

Fengshi Wu, University of New South Wales

Editorial Board

Mikkel Bunkenborg, University of Copenhagen
Jane Duckett, University of Glasgow
Sarah Eaton, University of Göttingen
Mette Halskov Hansen, University of Oslo
Michael Hathaway, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
陆继霞 Lu Jixia, China Agricultural University, Beijing
Genia Kostka, Free University of Berlin
Ralph Litzinger, Duke University, Durham
Nicholas Loubere, Lund University
Kim Reimann, Georgia State University
Guobin Yang, University of Pennsylvania
Heather Zhang, University of Leeds


Environment and Society in Asia

Discipline:Asian Studies

The AUP series in Environment and Society in Asia welcomes humanities and social sciences manuscripts that both are academically rigorous and can contribute to the general public understanding of the pertinent issues related to broadly defined environmental degradation and socio-political challenges in Asian countries and regions. We also invite studies focussing on institutional and/or grassroots initiatives to tackle these issues. We define Asia in the broad geo-political sense, including East Asia (Northeast and Southeast), South Asian sub-continent, Central Asia and Western Asia (non-African Mid-East). We are particularly interested in well-structured comparative works (within country comparison, critical cluster comparison or cross-national comparison) and scholarship that theoretically addresses the daunting triple challenges most developing countries in Asia face today: socio-political (in)stability, economic (under)development and environmental (un)sustainability.

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