Making Shift Happen
Making Shift Happen
Directing Impact
Jonathan Hills
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Reviews and Features

'The book is a practical guide packed with concrete examples of activities that will help practitioners guide both organizations and individuals in making transitions.'
Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman on Making Shift Happen

'Rarely does a book contain such breadth and depth of information, that is based on current research and proven techniques. Reading Margareth's book is comparable to completing an advanced degree in the field and practice of leadership. Each page contains information that is worth digesting and soaking in. As a person, Margareth is a force of nature; her book follows suit: it is strong, lively, unchallengeable, and full of energy.'
Kathleen Stinnet, MCC, executive coach, and co-author of The Extraordinary Coach

'Currently, at a time when leadership is in greater demand than ever before, it is especially refreshing to read Margareth's fresh and insightful ideas. Leadership is not a trick or a show, nor is it performance. Real leadership is based on content and authenticity; that is to say, it is based on competence, passion, and organizational needs. The CPO model provides a fantastic benchmark by which every leader can consider how to further increase their own impact, as well as how their leadership can have a contagious effect on others.'
Roger Dassen, CFO ASML

'This book is published at a time where the world is experiencing a pandemic, and it is also evident that a special kind of leadership is required to navigate during a crisis period, be this crisis a health or economic situation. This means that we cannot proceed with 'business as usual'. Leaders' behaviours should reflect the new mind set, one that is focused on driving a vision that inspires confidence in others and leads the way.'
Professor Zwelinzima Ndevu, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

'A true invitation to step out of your comfort zone and be the change to 'Make Shift Happen'!'
Maarten de Vries, CFO Akzo Nobel

'I have known Margareth for almost a decade and her intellect, enthusiasm, and powerful communication have always impressed me in our many discussions both internally and externally with clients in India on augmenting clients' leadership pipeline using Zenger Folkman's leadership interventions. Her approach, which is based on the award-winning development tools from Zenger Folkman on enhancing personal leadership development, has helped many top organizations in India, both multinational and domestic. This book is a great guide, one that is buttressed with examples that enable leaders to understand their sweet spot and which facilitate their personal transition and their organisation's transition through compassionate and inclusive leadership using scientific leadership tools.'
Rontu Basu, Co-Founder/Partner Quest Partners, India

Margareth de Wit

Making Shift Happen

Directing Impact

Leadership is learnable. Furthermore, future developments within our organizations will be strongly influenced by our leadership effectiveness. In ten steps Margareth de Wit describes how, as a leader, you can train yourself to achieve desired transitions within your organization. Educated at INSEAD and Wharton, Margareth de Wit has a long and rich experience working at the top of international companies in the USA, India, the UK, and Africa, providing intensive leadership sessions to CEOs, commissioners, managers, and directors.

Margareth de Wit has inspired hundreds of professionals within the education sector to see themselves as playing the central role in providing better education through intelligent collaboration in self-managing school teams. Her experiences show that systematic attention to leadership and group dynamics creates organizations that are both successful and future-proof. Providing striking examples from her broad practice and experience, historical comparisons, human interactions, analytical schemes, and evidence-based methods, de Wit paints a picture of the road that leads to effective leadership. While this transition is never finished, it is nevertheless one that always leads to both personal and organizational improvement.

Margareth de Wit

Margareth de Wit has been an entrepreneur and expert for 33 years in areas such as leadership, leadership development, and change management. Margareth is governor at Academica LifeLong Learning, a global expertise centre cooperating with universities and researchers nationally and internationally.

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