Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century
Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century
with European applications
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Jan Renaud

Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century

with European applications

Economies are increasingly dependent on supply chains, which have grown enormously in the 21st century. The textbook Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century prepares students in business and management sciences for this new reality. It is primarily written for undergraduate students, but is also suitable for MBA courses. The book is also a welcome addition to the curricula of technical courses in the field of industrial design and production technology.

Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century strives for a combination of theoretical insights and models, on the one hand, and practical applications on the other. The examples and the institutional framework discussed in the book are mostly from the European Union. Where other textbooks are mostly descriptive and qualitative, or quantitative with a focus on mathematical modelling, this book fills a gap by taking an intermediate position between these two approaches.

There is an Instructor's Manual available with the book, and the Excel figures are available in Excel. If you are a tutor, contact to request them.

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Erratum to the book.

Jan Renaud

Jan Renaud is assistant professor at Utrecht University, where he teaches the course Operations and Supply Chain Management. He has pioneered the use of computer-assisted learning with Excel at his institute and has received an institute award for using spreadsheets in his courses.

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