Eye Filmmuseum

In 2009, Amsterdam University Press and the Eye Filmmuseum founded the academic book series Framing Film. The book series consists of theoretical and analytic studies concerning restoration, collection, archival and exhibition practices, in line with the existing archive of the EYE Filmmuseum. With this book series, AUP and Eye not only aim at supporting academic research, but also strive for an international profile.

Eye has a strong position in the academic field. In recent years it has succeeded in significantly expanding its academic activities, partly thanks to the establishment of the Chair in Film Heritage and Digital Film Culture at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This chair is held by Giovanna Fossati, chief curator at Eye. Her dual role as professor and chief curator is exceptional within the international world of film archives, forming a perfect link between the restoration work at Eye and the academic research at the UvA. Through its academic policy, Eye wants to offer scholars and students optimal access to the collection and expertise within the film archive.

Series published with Eye Filmmuseum