Studies in Character Assassination and Reputation Management
Series editors

Martijn Icks, University of Amsterdam
Jennifer Keohane, University of Baltimore
Sergei Samoilenko, George Mason University
Eric Shiraev, George Mason University

Geographical Scope
We study character assassination and reputation management from a global perspective and welcome contributions from any region or country
Chronological Scope
The series has a broad chronological scope, ranging from Antiquity to present times
Editorial Board

Marijana Grbeša, University of Zagreb
Edwina Hagen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Marta Lukacovic, Angelo State University
Hendrik Michael, Institute for Communication Science, Bamberg

Character assassination, character, defamation, slander, reputation, reputational damage, reputation management

Studies in Character Assassination and Reputation Management

Today, as in the past, character attacks abound. Words and images, like sharp psychological weapons, have stained, sullied, or destroyed numerous individual reputations. Ranging across the globe, from the Americas to Asia, from Africa to Europe, through the Middle East and faraway places, those words, stories, and images target presidents, prime ministers, senators, CEOs, diplomats, scientists, and celebrities. In an age of social media, rising incivility and growing polarization, character attacks only seem to become more frequent and devastating. Yet character assassination as a cross-cultural phenomenon is only now becoming the focus of academic study. In recent years, scholars from different disciplines such as political science, political psychology, communication studies, rhetoric, and history have begun to establish a common framework and methodology for the study of character assassination. This book series will not only further stimulate research in this quickly expanding field but also generate greater interest among readers globally.

Forthcoming titles:

  • Character Assassination throughout the Ages, Martijn Icks and Eric Shiraev (eds.)
  • Character Assassination, Illiberalism, and the Erosion of Civic Rights, Andrew Armstrong, Edwina Hagen, and Martijn Icks (eds.)
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