Studies in History, Technology and Society
A futuristic vision: the advance of technology leads to rapid transport, sophisticated tastes among the masses, mechanization, and extravagant building projects. Coloured etching by W. Heath, 1829.
Wellcome Collection (CC BY-NC 4.0).
Series editors

Ruth Oldenziel, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Erik van der Vleuten, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Geographical Scope
Chronological Scope
19th-20th century
Infrastructures, technology, knowledge circulation, users, engineers
Stichting Historie der Techniek

Studies in History, Technology and Society

This series seeks to present scholarship about the role of technology in history. It focuses on how technical communities, nation-states, businesses, social groups, and other actors have contested, projected, performed, and reproduced multiple representations of Europe while constructing and using a range of technologies. The series understands Europe both as an intellectual construct and material practices in relation to spaces.