Performing Moving Images
Performing Moving Images
Access, Archives and Affects
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Introduction: Experimental Cinema, Expanded Cinema, and Artists' Film

Chapter 1: Access: Agents, Archives
Archive - Whether to Preserve or to Show
Programming - Historiography in the Making
Curating - Montage of Contexts
Case Study: Living Archive Project - Arsenal, Berlin
Expanded Cinema - Expanded Consciousness and Event
Case Study: Forum Expanded, Berlin Film Festival
Case Study: International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen
Case Study: Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone
Archival Impulse - Archive Fever

Chapter 2: Affect: Performance, Audience
Black Box and White Cube
Case Study: Anthology Film Archives, New York
Case Study: LUX, Light Industry, Filmforum, Lightcone, LaborBerlin
Case Study: Harun Farocki
Case Study: Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam
Aesthetic Experience

Music in Film Studies
Sensual Pleasure
Case Study: Sonic Acts Festival
Case Study: Psychedelia and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
Programming affects

Chapter 3: Reconstruction: Memory and Audio-Visual Heritage
Historiography - Films that Make History
Case Study: The Realm of Possibilities 4-Access: Diamonds, Enter, Fin
Documents - Testifying the Past
Found Footage - Sampling and Remixing images and music
Experimental Music Video Clips
Case Study: Deutsches Filminstitut Filmmuseum, Frankfurt
Audio-Visual Heritage
Expanded Heritage
Memory - Joyful Archive of Experiences
Experimental films and philosophy

General Bibliography
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"Performing Moving Images is the newest book from the acclaimed Framing Film series, published by Eye Filmmuseum and Amsterdam University Press. [...] This book will be hugely valuable to anyone with a keen interest in discovering more about how films emerge from archives to appear before an audience." - Helen de Witt, FIAF Journal of Film Preservation, April 2021

Senta Siewert

Performing Moving Images

Access, Archives and Affects

Performing Moving Images: Access, Archive and Affects presents institutions, individuals and networks who have ensured experimental films and Expanded Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s are not consigned to oblivion. Through a comparison of recent international case studies from festivals, museums, and gallery spaces, the book analyzes their new contexts, and describes the affective reception of those events. The study asks: what is the relationship between an aesthetic experience and memory at the point where film archives, cinema, and exhibition practices intersect? What can we learn from re-screenings, re-enactments, and found footage works, that are using archival material? How does the affective experience of the images, sounds and music resonate today? Performing Moving Images: Access, Archive and Affects proposes a theoretical framework from the perspective of the performative practice of programming, curating, and reconstructing, bringing in insights from original interviews with cultural agents together with an interdisciplinary academic discourse.
€ 88,99
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Senta Siewert

Senta Siewert is a Film Scholar and Guest Researcher at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and was Guest Professor for Film Studies at the Ruhr-University Bochum and has taught in Berlin, Stuttgart, Bochum, Frankfurt, Bayreuth, Paderborn, Jena, Hamburg and Amsterdam. She is a Curator and Filmmaker and Author of Entgrenzungsfilme — Jugend, Musik, Affekt, Gedächtnis. Eine pragmatische Poetik zeitgenössischer europäischer Filme (2013) and Fassbinder und Deleuze — Körper, Leiden, Entgrenzung (2009).